who we are

This is meant to be a simple, but effective blog. Well, maybe not just a blog, a “square” where we, some Italian students from the North of Italy who study high school as maintenance operators, meet to share our English works. It could be something personal, some homework assigned by our teacher, our opinions about the latest film we saw at the local theater… well, whatever it is, it is always in English. English as EFL, English as Foreign Language.

We do our best to practice it (reading, watching films at home or  at school, speaking – at least at school together or with our teacher, listening to songs)!

Feel free to leave your opinion, if by chance you come here and have a look at our Italian virtual “square”.

classes 2A-3A-4A-5A* MAT** and 4B-5B ODO**


*students aged from 14 to 21 at a vocational High School

** MAT stands for Manutenzione Assistenza Tecnica (maintenance operators)

** ODO stands for Odontotecnici (dental technicians)




1 –

We are not English mother tongue speakers, we are learning English (even our teacher that can’t afford unfortunately to go as often as she would to the UK or US to improve her knowledge of the English language… wish our Ministero helped somehow)


Many images and videos in this blog are not our property, we have found them on the Net, so feel free to contact us if it’s your property and you want us to remove them.

Nevertheless, some written documents or files belong to us. You are free to use them!


4 thoughts on “who we are

  1. Great job ‘techy teacher’!
    I’ll follow your blog for sure, I find it very interesting.
    Have fun everybody … and improve your English.


    • Our doors are open to all students that might be interested in “giving voice” to their opinions on the topics we are discussing in the classroom 😉 stay tuned!


    • I consider myself one of the first digital natives. I will remember my first Gameboy (supermario and tetris) forever. Together with MSdos.
      I am a serial reader and a serial “techy teacher” (as you’ve called me).


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