our film reviews – class 4A

This is an AFTER WATCHING activity.

So, now, we are really curious to know what you think about Unbroken (the film).

Please leave your comments here below.



4 thoughts on “our film reviews – class 4A

  1. Andrea P.

    Personally I consider Unbroken a beautiful film. It describes Zamperini’s life. Moreover he talks also about WW2 and the story of the Olympic games. This film was released in 2014 and the director is Angelina Jolie.
    The sotry starts with a flash forward where the main character is on an airplane at wa. Then a f,ashback starts where Louie is a bad little boy, but his brother helps hi and he becomes an Olympic athlete going to the Olympic games in 1936 in Berlin. Back to WW2 he and his friends went in a rescue mission in the Pcific ocean but unfortunately their plane crashed in the sea and he survived ther for 47 days. He wa then captured and tortured by the Japanese and brought to a prisoner camp for a long time till the end of the war.
    I really liked this film because it hasngot a lot of action moments and also because I love war films. If you want to discover Zamperini’s life, this is the perfect film for you!


  2. The film tells about an Olympic athlete and war hero, Louis Zamperini, who along with two other crew members, survived on a raft for 47 days, following a disastrous plane crash during World War II. Then he was captured by the Japanese Navy and sent to a prison camp. In the field he is tortured from the Japanese commander Watanabe. After two years, suffering, Zamparini returned to America and finally opened the Olympics in 1997.

    I liked the movie so much because I studied the Second World War at school but didn’t focus much on the Pacific area.


  3. Luca M.

    The film Unbroken is a film set in WW2 and tells the story of a great Olympic athlet, Louis Zamperini. The story begins by telling the youth of Louis who was not among the best, in fact, as you can see from the movie he was beaten up by others . But then the great adventure of Louis began: first as an Olympic runner who was the fastest of all and then as a military soldier.
    During the film there are a lot of flashbacks in the life of Louis. We can see Louis at war, accompanied by his team in a military plane. After that Louis and his team are called to form a new air mission, only this time it will face much more trouble. In fact the plane crashes in the Pacific, with only three survivors: Louis, Mac and Phil. The three remain lost in the ocean and try to survive as much as possible, 47 days when found and captured by the Japanese. Unfortunately, on the 33rd day Mac dies leaving Louis and Phil alone. When the two are captured by the Japanese for them it will begin a lifetime of only torture . After two years of only torture, something happened that would have again changed the life of the main character. Indeed Louis and all other prisoners leave the Japanese prison camp and return to their old lives.
    The film’s characters face in a different way the events. But especially Louis is more daring and confident in himself.
    The film was very interesting and I was especially struck by the fact of how life was in a place that feels like hell.


  4. The title of the film that we watched is “Unbroken”. It is an American historical biographic war drama based on the book of Laura Hillenbrand.
    The film was shot in 2014 and it tells the life of Louis Zamperini, an American Olympic athlete, and his experience as a prisoner of war during the World War ll.
    The film starts with a flash forwar,d where the main character is in an airplane in war. Then the story of Louis Zamperini starts: he was a bad boy and through his changes (thanks to his brother’s advises)he became a runner. After a long training he went to the Olympic games in Germany in 1936, where he set the fastest time on the last lap of his race. Then the film returns to the first scene and after that battle, in a rescue mission in the Pacific Ocean, the plane crashed and he survived here for 47 days with other two comrades, until the Japanese captured and sent him in a prison camp where he was treated cruelly by the sergeant Watanabe.
    Personally, I really liked the story, but I didn’t like the film because it was a bit boring and too much focused on the tortures that Zamperini suffered during his stay in the prison camp. In my opinion people should watch “Unbroken” to know the beautiful story, but only for this and not for the quality of the film.
    My rate for this film is 3/5.


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