our film reviews – class 3A

This is an AFTER WATCHING activity.

So, now, we are really curious to know what you think about Unbroken (the film).

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10 thoughts on “our film reviews – class 3A

  1. Federico M.

    Unbroken is the Angelina Jolie movie of the life of Louis Zamperini. He was a great man, he was an Olympic athlete, he survived for six weeks in the sea after an airplane crash and suffered for some years as Japanese prisoner of war camp. At that time he was chosen for the particularly brutal treatment by a commander of the field and after many years he was released when the war ended. Finally the Americans disengage supplies and rescue all the prisoners of the camp.
    I think Angelina Jolie has made a good movie to watch a truly beautiful story life.
    In the film it is not possible to see the continuation of Zamperini’s life. Unfortunately I read that after the war, when Zamperini went back home, he slipped into depression and alcoholism.
    I really liked the film and I highly suggest it. I give it 5 stars!


  2. Unbroken is a film that was directed by Angolina Jolie. The film is about the true story of an American athlete, Louis Zamperini , during World War II. Initially he was an Italian bad child and he was insulted and beaten by his Americans fellows. Then his brother convinces him to become an athlete because he was very fast. Zamperini won every race. He even participated at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and he came eighth but he made ​​a new record in final round.
    He also participated in the World War II aboard a bomber aviation. Next he crashed into the Pacific Ocean with two friends and survived for 47 days. Then he was captured by Japanese soldiers. When the war was over he returned to America.
    I really liked this film because I’m very interested in the World War II. Then I really liked the story of Louis Zamperini because it is very interesting and adventurous and I love the character Louis Zamperini because he is very brave. I recommend this movie to everybody because I think it’s beautiful !


  3. A great true story is Unbroken. Angelina Jolie says it shows the inhuman dose of suffering endured by Olympic runner Louie Zamperini in Japanese internment camps during World War II. Acted by Jack O’Connell in the leading role and guided with a steady hand by Jolie without unduly inflating the heroics or injecting maudlin cliches, this will be a tough film for some to take. But it also has strong appeal as an extraordinary survival story. For me it’s a very good and hard film. I advise this film to everybody.


  4. When I learned that we would see Unbroken at school, I thought I would be bored during the film, because I have already seen it in Italian, but I was wrong. It is about inner strength and resilience, it is about facing difficulties despite the suffering.
    I think it is incredible that Angelina Jolie, the film director, had a hero-neighbour like Louie Zamperini, but they did not know themselves before shooting the film.
    The only thing that I did not liked in the film is the rhythm of some scenes that in some cases becomes too slow, but this maybe depends on personal tastes. So, after all, for me this is a really good film, which can inspire someone to not throw the sponge but to be UNBREAKABLE like Louie Zamperini


  5. I watch this film for the first time at school last week and I liked it.
    It’s a drama film directed by the famous actress Angelina Jolie. I like how it describes the incredible story of this American soldier with Italian origins, Louis Zamperini and his incredible courage in WW2. It’s in fact different to the other war filmS because this describeS the story of a soldier wich is dead only 2 years ago!
    I like the actors in this film, I think as a matter of fact they play realisticly how terrible life in the war was. Only some scenes I think were boring but those scenes were indispensable for the story. I also liked the action scene at the beginning and the soundtrack. I didn’t think Angelina Jolie can direct a film like that, in fact she can play like an actress and direct a film very good.


  6. Unbroken is a very interesting film because It talks about a period of World War II. This film is historical, biographic, and a war drama, produced and directed by Angelina Jolie.
    This film deals with a true history of an Olympic athlete, Luis Zamperini, that lived in America and he had a brother that has puts Luis on track. Zamperini participated to the Olympic Games and he did record the fastest lap in 1936.
    He went to war to fight as a bomber. He suffered a plane crash and after 47 das in the Ocean he was captured by the Japanese and mistreated, but he never gave up and eventually came back to his family.
    On a scale from zero to five, I give this film a five because he is a very motivational film. This movie teaches that you should never give up, even in the most hard times.


  7. Unbroken is a War sport, drama, biography, action film, was directed by Angelina Jolie and shot in the 2014 in different sets. The story takes place in the Second World War, a film that follows the chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, called in the movie “Louie”, an Olympic runner that survived after a plane crash in the Ocean for 47 days, with other two companions of the United States army. After that he will be caught by the Japanese navy and for two years sent in a prison camp. In my opinion this movie shows how the human soul with perseverance can resist in the difficult moments of life. The main characters of this film are Louis Zamparini, Peter Zamparini the brother of Louis, the companions of Louie during the war, the Japanese official and his mother and his father.
    I consider this movie a great movie, for a lot of reasons: firstly because all the actors in the film act very well the part of the characters. Secondly because the story is interesting and has many interesting topics like the freedom or the resistance of the human body.Thirdly, the setting where the film was shot was incredible and realistic. I think that Unbroken is a fantastic film, for a lot of reasons and in my opinion it is a movie that it has to be watched as soon as possible.


  8. Unbroken is a film that collects various kinds of film genres. Angelina Jolie, the director shows how a man can face many roads, hard and strong in their lives. The main character Zamparini lived with his family in America, after several difficult events who put in hard his childhood he entried the army and went to the American air mission. He is then struck and remained castaway for 47 days with other two friends, subsequently taken prisoner by the Japanese and released a few years later by the Americans.
    I think the film is beautiful and deserves to be seen.


  9. The title of the film is Unbroken and it was relased in 2015.
    It is a fantastic film because it tells the life’s history about Louie Zamperini.
    He was an Olympic athlete of the USA team in the world war II. His family came from Italy and on his life, he proved to had courage and strength to carry on.
    He was taken from the Japanese after 47 days on the Pacific Ocean because his plane crashed into this.
    They tortured him for over two years up to the end of the war.
    Along this period he is abused and sometimes he risked to be killed.
    Go and watch it soon because the film is realistic and perfect, all was balanced, from the music to the scene.
    I think the best part is when is shows some images and clip of the real life of Louie Zamperini.


  10. Unbroken is a war film. This film is set in the second world war. The director is Angelina Jolie, the actors in this film are: Jack O’ Connell, Miyavi, Garret Hedlund and Finn Wittrock .
    Unbroken is about an athlete, Luis Zamperini that lives in the USA. He enrols in the army and goes to war against Japan. He is a pilot, and during a battle, his plane falls into the sea because it was shot down. In this plane there were about ten soldiers and only five survived. They were trapped in the sea on a boat for forty days. After that he was captured by the Japanese and they were made slaves. While in the concentration camps Luis and the other soldiers were treated badly. After some time the Americans arrived to free them, Luis Zamperini and his companions were very happy.
    I like war films, but not this one, because there was not a lot of action. I give it three stars.


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