Next week (end of January 2016): movie time. In English with Italian subtitles.

It was not an easy task to choose the right film. A good product that could:

a) have a certain appeal and wake up the interest in young male students;

c) present a character that could be a model with whom they could identify themselves in some ways;

c) leave a universal positive meaning and message.

After a careful selection and after listening to the students’ interests, I chose Unbroken by A. Jolie.

We will work on it (Before While and After watching activities are already ready on my desk). However, my purpose is for them to watch it and enjoy the film and the really unbelievable true story.

If by chance you have seen this movie, please be so kind to leave your comment and to tell me if you consider it a proper choice for a class of young guys aged 18-20!

Will be waiting for your replies!

Ms D.


Here below the BEFORE WATCHING ACTIVITIES with classes 3 and 4





One thought on “RESILIENCE to be UNBROKEN

  1. Well done! Good choice. Have just seen the movie. It is very inspirational for all of us. I can’t believe that it is a true story. Men can achieve anything with determination and will power. Just try it!
    Enjoy the film!


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