inner strength, resilience, will power

We can be heroes, just for one day.

Personally, I believe we can be heroes every single day of our life. Sometimes we think being a hero is just “out of our league”, we are not supposed to save nobody’s life. We tend to consider a hero a person who has got hugely high supernatural powers and we identify him/her only with the Marvel characters.

But how would you define a hero? Is strength (the muscular one) the only and important feature for a hero? Could you name a personality or a person you know that you really admire and consider a hero?

In the classroom we are preparing for the vision of Unbroken and the Pianist films, and we’ve started discussing the following issues: What is strength in general? Do you know what resilience is? How important is the will power to you? Do you consider yourself strong enough? Do you maybe need a mentor or a motivator to act and react to adversities?

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Defining Your Inner Strength

Sometimes we forget we can be heroes. Always. Every single day. And we don’t need money, or a muscular built body, or a university degree.

Just a smile will do.

Well, I can see there is a lot to talk about on the plate here. But I would really like to read what you think about these topics.

Have a nice week

Ms D.