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My dear students,

In This link you can find a long list of favourite films. But, which is yours?

I’ll be waiting for your comments!  Write a short review about your favourite movie, and tell us why it is your favorite. RISPONDETE CON ORDINE ALLE DOMANDE E VI RITROVERETE IN MANO UNA MINI RECENSIONE (review). 140 WORDS MIN.

  1. WHAT GENRE IS THIS MOVIE? My favourite movie is (Title). It is a… (romantic film/western/detective…)
  2. WHEN WAS IT SHOT? It was shot (è stato girato) in … (year).
  3. WHO IS THE MAIN CHARACTER? The main character (personaggio principale) is…
  8. WHAT HAPPENS? At the beginning…  Then… During the film we discover that…

Yours Mrs Dorigo




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After High School: How to Make Good Decisions

Life would be a lot easier if we just knew how to make good decisions. Research shows we all make a lot of bad ones. With careers: More than half of teachers quit their jobs within four years. In fact, one study in Philadelphia schools found that a teacher was almost two times more likely…

via How to Make Good Decisions: 4 Secrets Backed by Research — TIME

International Museum Day

International Museum Day. Raising awareness.

Possibly, go and visit a museum tonight!

Enjoy the beauty of our wonderful country.

Beautiful New York

05-18 Museum DayEstablished in 1977 by the International Council of Museums, International Museum Day is designed to raise awareness throughout the world of the critical importance of museums in the development of a society. This year, the theme is Museums and Cultural Landscapes. Last year, over 35,000 museums in over 145 countries participated. Here in New York, city with the third largest number of museums in the world, any day is a good day to visit a museum. But on this day, check with your favorite institution and see what special programs they may have to participate in this moment of cultural appreciation. Enjoy!

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Poetry: A Window to our Life


When I was at school, it was just a compulsory activity. After High School, it became to me a solitude pleasure. Even if, I am honest here, I read poems once in a blue moon. But a poetry book always lies on my nightstand, waiting for the right moment to come to me.

April, I have recently found out, is the American National Poetry month

In the school I am teaching in, it is also a special month because it is the school poetry competition month too. We will take advantage of it to work on some creative writing activities in the classroom. This will be quite an experiment to me, teaching in a vocational High School. But I am deeply truly  sure my students will come out with the most amazing poems.

What is Poetry to me? A window. A closed window to be open, to the world of your feelings, and to the real world too. Outside Life comes in contact with your inner personal Life, and they melt together.

It is a great feeling, when you are reading THE poem. And everything seems much more pleasant and easy to understand, and you just think: Well, this poet could read my thoughts, even before I was born. This just shows us that humans can have and share the same inner thoughts and feelings.


I leave you with this, some of the most powerful lines I have personally ever read:

Ode to the West Wind


P.B. Shelley 1792 - 1822
If I were a dead leaf thou mightest bear;
If I were a swift cloud to fly with thee;
A wave to pant beneath thy power, and share

The impulse of thy strength, only less free
Than thou, O Uncontrollable! If even
I were as in my boyhood, and could be

The comrade of thy wanderings over Heaven,
As then, when to outstrip thy skiey speed
Scarce seemed a vision; I would ne’er have striven

As thus with thee in prayer in my sore need.
Oh! lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!
I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!

A heavy weight of hours has chained and bowed
One too like thee: tameless, and swift, and proud.


Reading A Book or An Hour of Code?

Do you think philosophy is not your cup of tea or reading books too demanding? So why not coding? Go coding, I did it!

It is not so easy to explain to a bunch of students not to be afraid of computers. I mean. If we talk about computational thinking, they promptly think about super smart IT geek geniuses living somewhere in a real-virtual distant far away place, called Sylicon Valley, that are really fond of Maths.

But what is computational thinking? I won’t give here an academic definition. But it has none to do with computers. Just the reverse! The word Computer comes from the latin computare, to calculate.  So computers are tools used to “calculate”. Someone behind them give them a set of instructions so that they can “computare”.

These persons, called coders, give computers all useful information to reach a task, just step by step, teaching them how to create something, in the easiest and simplest way. Just like these machines were little babies learning how to walk.

In a broad sense, you compute and code every day of your life: preparing your daily breakfast, setting the table, organizing your work, choosing a specific fizzy drink among many, a.s.o. It is a question of priorities and decisions you make. The value you decide to give to things all around you.

So I believe it is important to learn how to compute, to code, to evaluate and to judge things. Someone can do it without any help, they are natural. Someone else needs help. They need an outline, so that they can organize not only their daily lives, but also their inner thoughts.

I am one of those persons. If I am the person I am, it is thanks to some teachers that thought me how to evaluate, how to organize my thoughts, all in all how to code. But when I did it, it was thanks to philosophy and by reading books.

But, if you think philosophy is not your cup of tea or reading books too demanding, why not coding? Go coding, I did it!

Well, I am still reading books. Like, a lot of them. I am a serial reader, I can’t stop!




Teachers Are Rock Stars

Re5dOKxdre0RF-9IUVUnQL3_6Nb2ctK0kGGLjMcTaedMxIz0Ci5EuJQqEjGZQSIHO29EDDHUqzG84kT0dfNyRA=w506-h285-nNever thought of myself as a Rock star.

I love this new image of me 😊 and I believe this blog post is amazing. If possible, read it!
Mrs. D.

Nerdy Book Club

Teachers are rock stars. And librarians. You’re all rock stars. Every member of the Nerdy Book Club rocks. I’ve been tagged (only a couple times) in tweets with the hashtag #AuthorsAreRockStars, to which I scoff, “P’shaw!” I’m just a normal guy. We all shop at the same Target. We probably use the same toilet paper (brand, not square). I just happened to be fortunate enough to get a book published.

You, on the other hand … I don’t know how you do it. You stand up every day in front of dozens, if not hundreds of students. You spend your “free” time planning lessons, grading assignments, writing reports, responding to student/parent/teacher/administrator emails, and trying to stay on top of today’s bureaucratic educational standards and responsibilities (but you don’t need me to tell you what it is you do – you already know).

Yet somehow you manage to read almost…

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SOLSC: March 5, 2016 & Celebrate This Week:Conversation

Collegiality vs echo chambers.
This is really an awesome post. Thank you for sharing. I would like to share it both with my students and with my fellow colleagues. Hope they will read this inspiring article.

A Teaching Life

sol Write. Share. Give. Join the March Slice of Life Story Challenge @ Two Writing Teachers


Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayreswrites  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 10.40.00 AM

Today I want to celebrate conversation as it appeared in my week…

I so benefitted from the conversation that took place after Vicki Vinton and her teaching team from Cranford observed our reading and writing workshops on Wednesday.  I’ve been teaching for a long time now in the same room and in at the same grade level; and for the most part, the only conversations I have during the school day are with my students.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to have a conversation about my practice, and by that I mean the real time and moment to moment practice that is my teaching life.  I believe that it is so important…

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