After High School: How to Make Good Decisions

Life would be a lot easier if we just knew how to make good decisions. Research shows we all make a lot of bad ones. With careers: More than half of teachers quit their jobs within four years. In fact, one study in Philadelphia schools found that a teacher was almost two times more likely…

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maturità. high school diploma. ready?

Carissimi! Last post from me for you. Just for  you.

E per la vostra felicità scrivo due righe in italiano. E sempre per la vostra felicità (ma questo non significa che non dovete impegnarvi a fondo), vi linko un articolo uscito oggi relativamente ai motivi per cui alcuni pensano che l’esame di maturità sia inutile.

utile maturità – articolo ANSA 10/06/2016

Quale la vostra posizione? Pros and cons? For or against?


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school for succeeding in life?

Hi there! It is not Mrs. D. writing here. But one of her students in class 5 (grade 13). So, just to explain the topic I would like to condider today: students’ lives. In a broad sense: mainstream school for life?02obama.600

Today, guys, we are going to talk about Obama’s school life.
During an interview on a talk show called “The Real”, Michelle Obama talked about his man. Did you know that Barack Obama wasn’t a good student? She said that he didn’t do anything while he was attending High School. He only started being serious when he  went to Columbia University and met her. Michelle also underlined the fact that he wasn’t good at school because he didn’t have a dad. What a sad thing…
So guys, do you think school is important for succeeding in life? Can anyone succeed in life? What is personal success, anyway? Money? Public recognition?  Or something more and more valuable than that?
Is there perhaps a link between a person’s “psychological traits” and his/her success?
Let me help you here. Personally, I believe that the link between them exist, only strong and very determined people are supposed to succeed and doing big things in life.

And you, what is your point of view on the matter? What do you consider success in life? What are failures instead? And which role does school play in all this?


I will be honored if you  can post your opinion on this PADLET!