The Sun Will Rise in the Morning


My dear students,

Many of you are asking me what I think about what happened in the USA two days ago. I am answering here with a link to Mr. Obama’s speech.

If I could choose I would like to have him as a father. He remembers me of Atticus, in To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Listen to him. And be optimistic, no matter what.

Mrs. D.


Obama’s Speech after Trumps Elections


Limitless. Fearless.

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Who doesn’t know who Steve Jobs was? I believe all around the world Steve Jobs’ life can be considered as a source of inspiration that can make us achieve our own success. Personally, I think that his uniquely creative and acute mind, his will power to pursue a dream to its very conclusion were the secrets of his success and prosperity. So, much may be learnt and much energy may be drawn from his example.

Recently I had the chance to see the now world famous speech he gave in 2005 at Standford University. “Stay hungry, stay foolish” was his motto. It might, however, come as a surprise to many that for much of his formative years he felt himself without a clear goal and direction. Maybe he couldn’t even understand the meaning of his own motto. He once admitted it on the speech, stating that he even considered academia as a poor way of spending his parents’ hard-earned money. This is why he saw fit to attend only the classes which lead more immediately to a job and an income without any further interests. However, these classes made him learn things that “turned out to be priceless later on” (from his own words). This means that even if at the beginning of his career he did not do the job he wanted to, this had not stopped him. Nothing had been so powerful to stop him. When Apple became an important society with four thousand employees, Steve Jobs got fired from his own company. Even after this bad experience, nothing stopped him and he had success again.

All in all, isn’t it there a lesson to be learnt? Do we sufficiently believe in ourselves? What can really stop us? Is it only because we are apparently unlucky or we just justify our failures with self pity  that we can’t be successful in our life? I personally believe that perhaps it is only a self-confidence matter. We are never really unlucky even if it is important to ask ourselves these essential questions. But I am convinced that one person should always be fearless and curious enough and positively “insane” to live new experiences. These will lead for sure to an inner enrichment.

All things considered, nobody can tell us which are our limits. Stay hungry, stay foolish! I will keep it in mind after High School.