The Sun Will Rise in the Morning


My dear students,

Many of you are asking me what I think about what happened in the USA two days ago. I am answering here with a link to Mr. Obama’s speech.

If I could choose I would like to have him as a father. He remembers me of Atticus, in To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Listen to him. And be optimistic, no matter what.

Mrs. D.


Obama’s Speech after Trumps Elections

Mr. White Will ‘Definitely Move’ if Donald Trump Wins

Bryan Cranston is perfecting his Donald Trump impression, but that doesn’t mean he wants to live in a country with the Republican nominee as commander in chief. If Trump were to win the presidential election next week, Cranston said in an interview for The Bestseller Experiment podcast, “I would definitely move. … It’s not real…

via Bryan Cranston Will ‘Definitely Move’ if Donald Trump Wins — TIME