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My dear students!

Welcome back to our blog. Before meeting you all again in the flesh next week, please tell me why you love this song soooooo much! It’s crazy!

I will be waiting for your comments as usual 😊 It is not compulsory but I will appreciate them anyway.

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Yesterday, I discovered a blog that was new to me, GarimaShares. The blogger and I have several interests in common so today I returned to her blog to read some of her posts. One was about a song that was posted on YouTube on September 24th. The video was watched by more than 8 million […]

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Music And School

 Dear bloggers, dear schoolmates, dear blogger  teachers, I would like to ask your opinion about music.

MusicDo you think that it is important to have music classes at school or not? And why, here in Italy, we do music classes only until  the 3rd class of middle school? What about in the other Countries?

In my opinion it is important to learn music, because you need to know some notions of that, as I find music not only relaxing, but a useful subject to develop even the computational thinking! Well, I am a pianist since ever, and music is part of my soul and body. I only wish it would be more appreciated and taught in my Country. I mean, Italy could be considered the Music homeland!

Music is in each person, it is part of us and you can’t remove it.
Music is not a thing to be taken lightly: in many cases it can save our lives.
Music should be a relaxing thing, because when you are stressed and tired, it can heal you.
Music has got many “proprieties”, it treats  diseases, it mediates between countries and people.
Music can change you in one day, a life in one moment.
All in all, music allows making life better!

So guys! Tell me what you think about this topic, we are very curious!