A memorable night!

Write about your night!



When was it?

Where were you?

Who were you with?

What did you wear?

Where did you go?

What did you do?

What was the weather like?

What time did you get home?

Why was it a memorable night?



My Perfect Day

This is an interesting question. My perfect day takes place in  late Spring or early Summer,  when the days are longer than usual and you can enjoy long hours outdoor. I like to drive to San Valentino Park in Pordenone, with my younger son Orlando. We reach the playground and while my son is playing I sit outside at the bar and drink a cup of tea or coffee, or  a Hugo drink. Personally I really enjoy reading the newspaper or a book. Even if it is not so easy because I always keep an eye to Orlando.

Anyway, I could think about other perfect days too. This is just one of the many. And what about you?

Mrs D.




Credit: New Headway pre-intermediate OUP

Fireworks Lesson Plan – ESL Chemistry in Action

Hello everybody!

what is better than the sharing? Herewith you can find a nice activity (in this case in the form of an English test) to teach English through a CLIL activity about Fireworks. Personally, these activities were intended as a conclusion set of activities because, in the classroom, we have worked a lot on the specific vocabulary and on Chemistry in action thanks to my Chemistry colleague.

Hope it can be useful for you!

Enjoy with your classes.

Mrs Dorigo






Express Your Opinion!





Frankly, I believe freedom is expressing freely (but politely)  your opinions.

Please, tell us what you think about the following topic:



I will be waiting for your comments 🌍🌎🌏


Mrs Dorigo



Photo credit 2 : https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/978797561/

Photo credit 1: pixabay


Pros & Cons of Automation





In your opinion what are the pros and cons of automation?

I am looking forward to receiving your comments here below!

Mrs. D.



Here a link to our class activities and videos seen together


Photo credit: http://www.logi-co.it/automazione/




A Career As An Automotive Technician

Hello everybody!

today at school we saw this video. After a Before watching activity LINK HERE I gave a While Watching activity (a chart to be filled in) to my students. It was particularly interesting, mainly the “strange” English accent, which we found out comes from New Zealand. However, the content was extremely stimulating, because it talks about the paths that lead to become an automotive technician in New Zealand, and the fact that this is a really required job all over the world.

And now an After Watching activity!

Risultati immagini per summarizing a video

I ask you (my dear students) to write a short SUMMARY of what you watched today in the classroom. Get inspired from the following layout:

INTRODUCTION –> Today at school we watched a short video about… Our teacher … The video is divided in … parts. We saw the …  and the … part.

BODY –> At the beginning we saw … It took place (si svolgeva in) in … On the one hand (dal un lato)… On the other (dall’altro)… It was really interesting to notice that …

Then… After some time…

So (quindi, allora)… At that point…

He described/he explained (ha spiegato) / The reported told (ha raccontato) that to become an automotive technician in NZ… They told that at school it is important to be good at…

CONCLUSION –> All in all (tutto sommato)/ To be honest … I believe/It think that…

I really liked/didn’t like the video because… I found it extremely stimulating/intriguing/interesting because… I didn’t find it…

In the future I would consider (considererei) to become a…

Alcune parole utili:




Waiting for your summaries!

Mrs. D.