Poetry: A Window to our Life


When I was at school, it was just a compulsory activity. After High School, it became to me a solitude pleasure. Even if, I am honest here, I read poems once in a blue moon. But a poetry book always lies on my nightstand, waiting for the right moment to come to me.

April, I have recently found out, is the American National Poetry month

In the school I am teaching in, it is also a special month because it is the school poetry competition month too. We will take advantage of it to work on some creative writing activities in the classroom. This will be quite an experiment to me, teaching in a vocational High School. But I am deeply truly  sure my students will come out with the most amazing poems.

What is Poetry to me? A window. A closed window to be open, to the world of your feelings, and to the real world too. Outside Life comes in contact with your inner personal Life, and they melt together.

It is a great feeling, when you are reading THE poem. And everything seems much more pleasant and easy to understand, and you just think: Well, this poet could read my thoughts, even before I was born. This just shows us that humans can have and share the same inner thoughts and feelings.


I leave you with this, some of the most powerful lines I have personally ever read:

Ode to the West Wind


P.B. Shelley 1792 - 1822
If I were a dead leaf thou mightest bear;
If I were a swift cloud to fly with thee;
A wave to pant beneath thy power, and share

The impulse of thy strength, only less free
Than thou, O Uncontrollable! If even
I were as in my boyhood, and could be

The comrade of thy wanderings over Heaven,
As then, when to outstrip thy skiey speed
Scarce seemed a vision; I would ne’er have striven

As thus with thee in prayer in my sore need.
Oh! lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!
I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!

A heavy weight of hours has chained and bowed
One too like thee: tameless, and swift, and proud.



Music And School

 Dear bloggers, dear schoolmates, dear blogger  teachers, I would like to ask your opinion about music.

MusicDo you think that it is important to have music classes at school or not? And why, here in Italy, we do music classes only until  the 3rd class of middle school? What about in the other Countries?

In my opinion it is important to learn music, because you need to know some notions of that, as I find music not only relaxing, but a useful subject to develop even the computational thinking! Well, I am a pianist since ever, and music is part of my soul and body. I only wish it would be more appreciated and taught in my Country. I mean, Italy could be considered the Music homeland!

Music is in each person, it is part of us and you can’t remove it.
Music is not a thing to be taken lightly: in many cases it can save our lives.
Music should be a relaxing thing, because when you are stressed and tired, it can heal you.
Music has got many “proprieties”, it treats  diseases, it mediates between countries and people.
Music can change you in one day, a life in one moment.
All in all, music allows making life better!

So guys! Tell me what you think about this topic, we are very curious!


Voices Behind the Ink: When Poets started writing their Verses

Something in Italian. #GiornataMondialePoesia16
Poets tell us when and why they started writing poetry.
So back to my question: should I teach poetry at a vocational High School? https://matenglishblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/poetry-for-life/

Art for All Seasons

Issluggo_solo_springlever_hires-e1444295914851-215x215n’t this amazing? I love Art. And I believe Street (Chalk) Art is one of the most fascinating ways of creating Art, to be delivered to a large audience. Even to those who claim not to love Art at all.

Go watch this!

Source: Chalk Art for All Seasons