blog guidelines

Internet safety is of utmost importance among teenagers in general, moreover in schools. Therefore establishing firm blogging guidelines is important. See also this link Safer Internet for teenagers – European Campaign.

Through blogging, my students have the opportunity to learn about appropriate online behaviours in an authentic and supervised setting.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of my students when blogging:

  1. Students’ first names, work, videos and school name MAY be included on the blog;
  2. Students’ photos won’t appear, except for class 5;
  3. Students’ surnames MAY appeared only if the student is more than 15 years old. And it is always up to the student’s choice. Possibly use only your first name or a nickname;
  4. All comments will be screened and approved by Mrs. D. before they are included on the blog;
  5. Open comments on Padlets will be always screened by Mrs. D. and eventually erased;
  6. Students will be encouraged to comment on other class blogs (even European or International classes) with teacher supervision;
  7. All commenters must be polite, respectful and courteous, otherwise comments will be erased;
  8. Disclaimers can be read on the dedicated page Disclaimer – who we are


Inspiration and source of the above mentioned guidelines come from Miss Jordan’s class blog – from Victoria, Australia

Thank you so much for sharing!

Mrs. Dorigo


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