let’s try some poetry

High school time is almost at the end. And I believe you can’t leave school without reading and tasting some poetry from the American and English tradition.

BUT before it, let’s just try creating some poems by ourselves. Some creative writing is always an excellent practice to improve a foreign language too.

Paste your poem here below on the comments.

This is mine.




13 thoughts on “let’s try some poetry

  1. My Name
    By E. M.
    It means likeable, enterprising, sociable.
    It is number 21 and 3,
    It is like the blood, it’s like the rouses of love
    It is the memory of Valeria,
    Who taught me to respect the feelings of other people and knowing how to let go,
    When she talks to me with her beautiful voice.
    My name is Enrico,
    It means the strength to fight like a lion.


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  3. Wahabou.

    It means brotherhood, honesty, loyalty,

    it is 3,

    it is like nature,

    It is like going on the internet to update me on the international news, to see the political moves,

    It is the memory all my family members who have died,

    their affection I miss.

    My nome is Abdoul Wahab 
    son of God.


  4. Hamdan.
    It means friendly, generous, sporty.

    it is 9.

    it like helping people, doing the soccer refree

    i am happy when every weekend, anywhere with my father and helping my mum greeting people

    it is my grandma’s dream
    if I become rich and I help the poor children

    my name is Hamdan
    believe in God.


  5. My name.

    It means me: friendly and intended for the Lord.
    It is 3.
    It is like a summer sky,
    It is simply staying with my family or my friends.
    It is the memory of my great grandmother when she lived through WW1 and WW2,
    Who taught ME the respect of war deads
    When she talked of the world wars.
    My name is Domenico.
    It means never give up.


  6. My name is
    By M. M.


    It means God’s gift
    It is peaceful, adaptable and good of heart
    It is a butterfly that flies away from a yellow flower
    My name is Matthew
    It means be a lion in a herd of zebras


  7. Mario
    It means tasty, sporty and funny
    It is the number 33
    It is like darkness
    It is like burning a lot of trash
    It is the memory of my mum Tatjana who is the best person in the world for me
    Who has taught me honesty and inner strength.
    My name is Mario
    It means health and love.


  8. Arben.
    It means funny, sociable and optimistic.
    It is 7,
    It is like a football field,
    It was a beautiful day when I WENT to see a football match with my grandfather
    It is the memory of my grandfather, teacher in Croatia and after it in Macedonia
    Who taught me respect and honesty,
    respect for all people and
    honesty in every situation.
    My name is Arben
    It means that life is difficult but you can overcome all situations and go on with a smile.

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  9. Matteo.
    It means open-minded, happy and powerful,
    It is 14298,
    It is like a sky without clouds,
    It is travelling 20h by bus to go home,
    It is the memory of my father,
    Who taught me how to be self-confident and trustworthy,
    When he makes choices in his life and seems like an example for me.
    My name is Matteo
    It means enjoying our life because it can end one minute at a time.

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  10. Riccardo
    it means shy, quiet and sociable
    it is 4
    it is like a sky in summer
    it is training in the dolomites with my bike.
    It is the memory of Christian, hotel keeper, who told me stories about the dolomites
    he taught me to love nature and what the life has to offer
    when he told me that when he was a child he lived in a small house with a stable.
    My name is Riccardo


  11. Valentino
    It means nice, funny and solar
    it is 19
    it is like the sky
    it is watching a tv with my family
    it is memory of Mauro, my dad
    Who taught me honesty and respect
    When he showed me all
    my name is Valentino
    it means in bond and commitment


  12. It means shy,generous,and very funny,
    It is 8,
    It is a clear summer sky,
    It is a very strong and hard man
    It is the memories of my grandfather
    When he told me his difficult story to get a piece of bread to eat because his family was very very poor,
    how lucky I was to be born in this wonderful family where I never miss anything,
    My name is Matteo,
    It means fight and get up when you fall and continue our road head-on and not be ashamed !!


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