Industrial Automation


What is automation? Here you can find a simple definition from the Oxford dictionary: Automation in English:



  • [mass noun] The use or introduction of automatic equipment in a manufacturing or other process or facility


    1940s (originally US): irregular formation from automatic + -ation.


At school we saw a short but very effective video about industrial automation. See it here below:


HOMEWORK: now, dear students, please complete your chart after watching this other video about automation at home, to simplify our present and future life. Watch the video all the times you need, then we will correct your homework at school next Friday.



And here another video that could be interesting for you. The benefits of automation.



WORKSHEETS: BDA before-during-after activities



Students worksheets: Mrs. Dorigo from  /

Photo credit: ABB Automation



4 thoughts on “Industrial Automation

  1. Advances in robotics and nanotechnology, look set to continue in the future.
    PROS : For Factories is an economic fact because there is less human involvement.
    Take a few engineers to allow the machine to start.
    Modern manufactoring plants can work 24 hours a day 365 days a year outside of human capabilities.
    CONS : Factories for the installation of these machines is very expensive even though allows for better efficiency.
    While the people this is seen as a threat to their use, these machines can afford a loss of thousands of jobs.


  2. When we talk about automation, the majority of people think only about factories and industries, where robots work and make products; but the automation is everywere.
    Lately, you try to introduct the automation at home, for control the house security, heating and tecnolical device, when we aren’t at home.
    This was unthinkable years ago, but whit the discover of wireless networks, the tecnology can evolute the idea of gestion and control.
    By now we can make all sitting, this is not positive but this is the future.


  3. the industrial automation is the automatically controlled operation of a process or system by mechanical or electronic device. This process is better than human work because the machines don’t do mistakes and improve the production because they can work for many hours without stopping , however machines has always got the supervion of a persone .
    In my opinion thi is a good thing but if on the one hand bring advantages on the other hand industrial automation take off manual work and improve the unemployment.
    We can find the automation also in our houses and I think is awesome because we can dims the ligh , adjusts volume and switches on tv with a click of our remote control

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  4. In this short video I saw that automation is not only in farms or factories but also at home, it is everywhere. We live in the middle of the automation, each electrical item that we have at home and that we use is automatic, switch it on and it just works with our help. An example of automation is the television or the refrigerator, in fact, once you turn them work by themselves, do their task automatically. Finally, to be honest, I think that without all this technology and automation that our lives would be different.

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