Automation, robots and humanoids

Have you ever thought about a world where humanoids and humans coexist? Sometimes I wonder if a world like that could exist or if we would end up just like in Blade Runner.

Have a look to the following trailers, then tell me what you think about these possible “futurable realities”. All in all (except for humanoids), has modern society benefitted from automation, at least?

Will be waiting for your comments.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe!   😀

Ms D.


1982 ridley scott – BLADE RUNNER

2001 steven spielberg – A.I.

2015 alex garland – EX MACHINA




12 thoughts on “Automation, robots and humanoids

  1. I think the arrival of robots will be revolutionary, robots can help humans in difficulty. Nowadays we already use robots in factories. This is ok for the production but many people have lost theor job.
    This thing should be organized better.
    I hope in the future robots can help people at home but don’t make everything otherwise human life will become too much easy. This is my humble opinion.


  2. Diego N.

    Robots are machines which can help humans to do some work, for example in the construction and the assembly of cars and of white goods.
    It is important to notice some differences between humanoids that simply manage a house, while other robots are used in factories to replace humans in some phases of manufacture.
    In my opinion humanoids could be useful at home, office and work, but their high price is an
    obstacle to their use, only few people can afford them.
    The use of robotized machines instead , in my opinion, should be reduced: on one hand they can be used for works which are dangerous for humans, on the other hand their excessive use brings many humans to lose their work position.


  3. In my opinion, automation can really help to decrease the price of objects but also for service. I think for example, robots and drones can be very useful for the sanitary system, because drones can transport urgent devices or medicine in less time than an ambulance.
    Personally, I don’t really like robots expecially which have humanoid appearance, because maybe in the future like in “I robot” film, they can see us like an enemy, or maybe with the improve of technology, one day we can’t recognize robots from human.
    So robots, drones and generally automation can be very useful for humans, but only if they are used in the right way.

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  4. In a modern society the arrival of automation, in my opinion, has done nothing good rather than simply destroying society because it steals human personality and human work. Robots created great inconvenience to people in many places of work to the desire to make it lost although even in ten years from now a robot can never be more intelligent than a person. It then remains a machine and all machines are stupid enough because they lose a command and stop suddenly to work. Humans must take the lead to resolve the situation.


  5. Robots can be an advantage or disadvantage, especially for the economy. Robots can replace humans in the factories and then a lot of people wouldn’t work of result the reign poverty. The robot I would use them for example in medicine, also if already the most of precision work and make by machine of all types. For the rest. Already with the technology of today, youth isn’t more as in the past, just see kids of today who are only toying with those smartphones or consoles. They have destroyed their fantasy.


  6. I think you can not think of a life as in the video, because besides the exaggerated science fiction the world can not reach those levels of technology, although they would do in some sectors (such as medicine). I think that unfortunately they would cause also the damage of many others, like reduction of jobs caused by substitution of humans by robots.


  7. Robotics prepares to dominate our next years, there will be the science fiction nightmare of the war between humans and robots or is it a simple fourth industrial revolution? What is certain is that robotics will dominate our coming years like Internet has dominated our past years. Many invest on robots to replace human work with something that does not complain, do not strike and you do not need to go home to his family. This will surely lead to less work, however I hope this will happen when I will be dead.


  8. I think the arrival of robots in society will be something extremely revolutionary, surely there will be positive and negative things about it. For sure there will be a revolution in industry and business in general, but I think the most important thing is that robots can be of great help for health and for people in need.


  9. The last few decades, through cinema, movies illustrate a reality fiction where the robots, humanoids live and interact in a human society.
    Having said this, I think humanoids can be useful to help the human beings in any enterprise, but they could never be like humankind because they don’t have feelings and emotions.


  10. I think that in the future humanoids and humans will coexist but I think that probably we will not see it. Humanoids are not as useful as we think because even if they look like humans they cannot do a lot of things that we can. However even if they can do them they would not be as easy for them as for us humans.
    I don’t like robots because I think they ruin our economy and when every work will be made by robots I believe there will be a big crisis and people won’t feel useful because they will not work to live.
    I hope that people would assume that we have to make our world better for the generations that will come after us because this is the most important thing to do.

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