the privilege of electricity?

At school we are going through the electric circuits from a purely “technical” point of view. invented-electricity_7b090807c03a6389

But. Let’s face it.

We are so used to switch on and off a light, that we have almost forgotten what a great privilege electricity is and how much it helps in our daily routines: watching television, using our laptop, making a phone call, reading a book… so many activities that depend on electricity. Have you ever thought about it?

Here below I have got some questions for you, my dear students (and all the bloggers coming from the blogosphere). Please answer them and tell me your personal opinion on the matter:

  1. Do you believe that electricity has changed human life? Can you give some examples? Can you imagine your life without electricity? Do you think you could live without it?

  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electricity?

  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric socket?

  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless power transfer WPT?

  5. What are the pros and cons of the electric car?

I will be waiting for your comments, as usual.

Mrs. D.




4 thoughts on “the privilege of electricity?

  1. Obviously, electricity has changed a little everything and everyone. With electricity you can do many things but especially over time there have been some improvements if we only think of the first bulb Edison for solar panels discovered a few years ago.
    I believe that most of the people now could not live without electricity because now it has become a habit, but like all habits without electricity you can live normally.
    If used as they should, the electricity has no disadvantages but rather, only good things that go better and better over time; In fact a few years ago they invented electric cars but I believe that they did so only to make business even though they are very useful for all the things that we already know. Obviously they will not go to the market immediately, but it will take some years, then success will surely like all things, in fact, just say it will be precisely these become the future of humanity


  2. In my opinion electricity has changed human life.
    For example, I could not write this comment without electricity, we won’t have the light in our house and in the hospitals many people should die without the modern electrical technology. In a world without electricity there aren’t telephones and all the modern methods of communications and of transport.
    Electricity has got many advantages, but on the other hand also a lot of disvantages, such as nuclear centrals used to produce the electric energy.
    The electric socket are used to feed a electric devices but there are disvantages too: they can not be used every where. Wireless are a magnificent invention because it eliminates the hindrance of the cable.
    Lastly, electric cars are reliable, but have a short autonomy.
    All in all, electricity shows many advantages and few disadvantages and are essential for everyday life.


  3. In my opinion, compared to many years ago, the social life has changed a lot. It changed because there was no electricity, because since it was discovered and used IT has never done without it. Now in the world there is electricity EVERYWHERE and THANKS TO this life, for me, is much simpler. Because you just think about the fact that today you do everything but everything with the electric current, even the most difficult things you can not solve WITH IT. To understand when electric current IS USED just think about how much you use the TV, the PC, the refrigerator and the phone that all go ELECTRICITY. Life without electricity would not go forward, almost the entire population is “electrically dependent.”


  4. Electricity has changed the way we live and communicate. For example we can now communicate between us over long distances using our devices operating due to electricity. I think over time the electricity is becoming essential for our survival. Thanks to it we can now do many things we need on a daily basis. Personally I couldn’t live without electricity. In my opinion one of the greatest benefits of electricity is that you can get by processing that do not pollute like solar, wind etc. the bad part is that electricity has become too indispensable. The plug allows us to recharge our electric devices but on the other hand, it is very dangerous if it comes into contact with water and it is dangerous even for children. The WTP is a fantastic invention and very comfortable but is harmful because it releases of radiation. With regard to electrical machines are highly efficient because they don’t pollute, but are too expensive.


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