While I was reading…

what happened that night while you were reading a thriller book?


Please imagine what could have happened. Who rang the door bell? Or maybe did someone call you? Or did your mother ask you to have dinner with your family?

I’ll wait for your short stories here below on the comments section (min 150 words). I know you can be wonderful writers.

Mrs. D.

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Risultati immagini per simple past past continuous


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10 thoughts on “While I was reading…

  1. While I was reading A GOOD THRILLER ON MY SOFA the phone rang. I was gettinG up from the couch TO answer the phone WHEN I LISTENED TO A STRANGER ON THE PHONE. It was an assassin. He said who would come and kill me at 10 pm. I tried to call the police, but the phone wasn’t starting. My mum and my dad WERE workING and they were returnING at half past ten pm. I DIDN’T wasn’t know WHAT to do. The only thingI could do was TO take a knife in the kitchen and wait. At ten pm, my parents came HOME in the house. And they were laughING because they were the “assassin”.


  2. Last Friday night I decided to stay at home, because outside the weather IT was raining. While I was reading an extremely intriguing thriller book the black ice on my bed suddenly I heard the door slamMING and immediately after the doorbell RANG, I didn’t care so my mother WENT goes to open the door, then kept reading, but after half an hour I didn’t hear anyone and I went to see WHERE MY MOTHER WAS, SO I went TO the kitchen and the light didn’t turn on. I TOOK takes a little terror but i thought it’s a randomness and then I EVEN went into the garden TOO. but the door didn’t open, and i took them afraid but i didn’t care and i AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I went BACK INTO MY room BUT i didN’t continue to read the book because I was afraid and I started to play to play station.
    After THAT I TOOK A break AND I MET my mom SO I asked her why the light didn’t work and why the door DIDN’T open, and she replieD that normal and then I discovered that I was afraid from MY book and so I decided NOT to read ANY more than one book in my life.

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  3. Last Friday night I decided to stay home, because my life IS so weird. Outside the weather was frightful. Nobody was at home. I was all alone. While I was reading an extremely intriguing thriller book on my sofa Suddenly I Heard a thud and then below the door of the bathroom I SAWseen a brown substance. I was really SCARED fearful, I COULD Barely move myself. After that the door was opened and I COULD can seen the jar of the lubricating oil that had fallen on the floor.
    When I entered the rooM TO take the jar from the floor I SAW seen a shadow outside from the window SO I closed the window very fast and then I ran to close the door but my sister had just entered. She started to scream when she SAW seen my english teacher who I had just killed on the floor and a conceptual map hanging on the wall with all the names of the teachers THAT I do not like.



  4. Last Friday I invited my friends at my house, we ate a pizza together. We were home alone, we were talking and gossiping when we heard a noise. It came from the wardrobe. We were very afraid but we went to see to understand what the noise could have been. We opened the wardrobe and a robot came out. We began to scream but then we realised that he didn’t want to hurt us and he began to talk: “I’m a robot coming from the future, I don’t want to hurt you but I came here to show you my world”. He went back inTO the wardrobe and we followed him. Inside the closet there WAS were a completely white train that took us to the future. We arrived in a world where everything was different, we were in the year 3000. There were flying cars, streets in the sky and people could fly. We stayed there all the night and then we took the train to go back home but, instead of arriving in the wardrobe, we woke up in our beds.


  5. Last Friday night I decided to stay home, because it was raining outside. My put I DECIDED TO reading the A book in front of the fireplace. Almos WHEN THE BOOK WAS ALMOST AT THE END finished the book enden the I NEEDED firewood for the fire. SO I WENT To go downstairs and gOt into the garage WHERE I to switchED on the light when suddenly the lights WENT to go out. I saw TWO yellow eyes in the dark, ran inTO the living room a took the pile when to returned WHEN I saw the kittens in a hidden box IN a secluded spot. They were very small, all black, THEY were five. They looked at me scared when I approachED the cat mum came out from her hiding place put in front to miaow WITH AN angry look, not to trouble SO I walked away and I went back home. When later I went TO check the cats were gone. AFTER FinishING the book I WENT to bed, I THOUGHT think about why they were in my garage and where they HAD GONE went.


  6. While I was reading A book ON MY bed my mother ASKED me to have dinner WITH MY FAMILY. I got up and looked out OFmy bedroom window. I saw a STRANGE figure in the playground ON THE OTHER SIDE OF across the road. It was slowly creeping up the stairs. I don’t know what it was. He was hunched over and foaming FROM HIS the mouth. He looked up at my bedroom window, reached out his finger and pointed directly me. Then he started running towards my house. I jumped back inTO MY bed and covered myself with my blankets. I was really scared. I heard the front door open then I heard fast footsteps climbing the stairs. My bedroom door slowly creaked open. It felt like it was right next to my head. Then my blankets were ripped off and I suddenly woke up. It was a scary dream!


  7. Jack was reading a book. The phone rang. He stopped reading. He answered the phone.
    And he answered THAT WAS AN an old friend from college named, Paul, proposing a meeting with all the olthers students OF HIS CLASS of the course of letters. Paul proposeD three days of fun ON a boat in the sea of Sardegna. Jack agreeD thrilled and he started to prepare your HIS bags. Two days later they were all in Genova where Jack and the otherS got into the Paul’S boat. The travel to arrive in Tyrrhenian sea was long but very fun. They spoke ABOUT the long time spent together, pleasant and not, of memories, the eveningS spent together, of politics, the girls, cold showers, theIR teacherS but also of life after college. There were those who spoke of work,who travel,who of family,who wedding…until they arrived at their destination. They arrived in the evening, HAD having dinner WITH seafood. After a long eaten and drunk and A LOT OF GOOD FOOD AND lots of laughterS,they went to put on THEIR swimsuitS to jump into the water. Many of them didn’t want to cheat because the moon ? was to sleep. The morning AFTER later they dedicated it to visit the most beautiful placeS of Sardegna. AFTER three days THEY CAME back with the promise to meet again.


  8. Last friday I decided to stay at home because it was raining outside and it was cold. I was alone and I sitted WAS SITTING on the sofa with A thriller book and a cup of tea. Suddenly I felt SOME a little of air on my legs and I saw THAT THE window near me WAS MOVING which moved. I closed the window and I go WENT BACK to read MY book. After reading the book I got up to get something to eat in the kitchen because I was very hungry when SUDDENLY I heard someone taked TAKING me from behind.
    I began to scream while this person was putting his hand ON my mouth for not heard by anyone. Suddenly he tooked me out OF the door and he left me in the cold and in the rain. Than he locked himSELF in my house and left me out forever.
    But then I found myself back on my sofa, I opened my eyes and I realized I HAD fAllEN asleep while I was reading. I did HAD a very bad dream.


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