4A – B ODO

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Mrs D







4 thoughts on “4A – B ODO

  1. Hi! How are you doing?
    My name’s Teodor and I study at Vocational school Freschi in San Vito al Tagliamento.
    If we speak English we can communicate with people all over the world. We use English for business, for work and for Especially young people should learn English travelling. If they want to find a good job everywhere. In every school there should be mother tongue assistant.
    Bye bye see you soon.


  2. Last Friday, while was about to start reading a book THE DOOR bell rang, SO I got up from my desk and I went to open the door.
    When I opened the door there was a man with a long mustache STANDING IN FRONT OF ME.
    This man told me to follow him and together we went inTO. a dark street
    Then at some point we crossed a bridge and over the bridge there was a dragon spitting fire, the man with the mustache pulled out a golden sword FROM of his long coat. And he told me that the only way to defeat the dragon WAS TO cut HIS TAIL.
    And SO I took courage and I confronted him.
    As soon as the dragon was distracted I took a chance and I cut HIS the tail.
    Then the man with the mustache said to me that I was one of the magical world protectors.
    A world that only a few could see.
    Then the man took me home and told me that every time the bell rang I had to go to protect the magical world.


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