One thought on “3B ODO

  1. Last Friday, while was about to start reading a book THE DOOR bell rang, SO I got up from my desk and I went to open the door.
    When I opened the door there was a man with a long mustache STANDING IN FRONT OF ME.
    This man told me to follow him and together we went inTO. a dark street
    Then at some point we crossed a bridge and over the bridge there was a dragon spitting fire, the man with the mustache pulled out a golden sword FROM of his long coat. And he told me that the only way to defeat the dragon WAS TO cut HIS TAIL.
    And SO I took courage and I confronted him.
    As soon as the dragon was distracted I took a chance and I cut HIS the tail.
    Then the man with the mustache said to me that I was one of the magical world protectors.
    A world that only a few could see.
    Then the man took me home and told me that every time the bell rang I had to go to protect the magical world.


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