have you ever…? present perfect tense

Have you ever thought of studying one year or just 6 months abroad? Have you maybe already done this experience? What do you think?

Read this short text to get some inspiration:

” High school study abroad programs offer ambitious and curious students an opportunity to become global citizens as they complete their high school education. Studying abroad during high school allows students to gain meaningful life experiences that are often vital components to well-rounded college applications. If students value growth, believe in the importance of knowing and understanding the world, and wish to make the most of their everyday life and education, a high school study abroad is a perfect option. High school students can choose to spend a summer, semester or even year living and studying abroad. Living in another culture can be an amazing way to explore a region of interest, learn a new language and maybe even earn credits toward college coursework.”

Read more: http://www.studyabroad.com/highschool_portal.aspx#ixzz41p3mtasy




9 thoughts on “have you ever…? present perfect tense

  1. In my opinion studying abroad is very difficult, but very important. I know how you feel when you have to leave your country and go to another, it is difficult to leave everything you had: friends, family. However, it is very important because all in all you learn a new language and find new friends.
    I can give a personal example: I arrived here in Italy three years ago, and all my friends now are foreigners to me, but it is nice because I have come in contact with a new culture and new places. I am glad I made this choice!

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  2. Personally, I never thought of studying one year abroad because this idea scares me.
    For example, when you go abroad you have to learn a new language, if you go to England you have to learn English, if you go to Spain you have to learn Spanish, etc. etc. and you have to sort yourself out without help, at least at the beginning.
    Moreover when you go abroad you have to live with another family and you don’t know anyone because your friends and your parents are in Italy.
    However, going one year abroad would be really fun and very edifying.
    To be honest I would never go abroad to study because I find it is very tiring and boring. But I believe that many people don’t think it like me. On the other hand I’m sure many people are on my side.
    Studying one year abroad isn’t a bad idea but personally I don’t like it.
    To sum up studying one year abroad can be fun and educational but also tiring and boring for me.

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  3. Sometimes I have thought to study abroad because it is important for learning new things and because you can meet new people from around the world.
    Personally I would like to go to New York because I think it is a very beautiful city with a lot of monuments and history.
    In the USA I think, if only I could afford it, I would study in a collage because I can imagine that would be a great life experience.
    In my life I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends coming from all around the world.
    My best friend is from Albania and I consider him a very good person.
    Now he finished to study and would like to become a cook.

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  4. We have never thought of studying outside Italy, but we believe an experience like that can improve our foreign language skills and culture. But, on the other hand, you have to spend a lot of money to give this opportunity, for example, to your son.
    Personally, we never had a foreign friend, maybe because we prefer to travel in Italy and not to other countries, also if also in other countries there are many things to see.
    All in all,studying abroad is an important opportunity that everyone needs to do in his life, as we have said before, to know something about other countries and improve your language skills. However many students undervalue the importance of knowing a foreign language, especially English, which is the international language.

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  5. Personally, I have never thought to study one year abroad, because I never needed to do it, but I think it is important. If I will decide to go to study English and improve it I think I will go to England. When I was at the lower Secondary school I made friends with a foreign student. He was Indian and he came to Italy with his family to live. Now he is in England because his parents had to go there to work. I think studying in a different country from where you are born is important. I think it’s not only for learning a language but also to discover a different culture.

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  6. We think that studying abroad is very important because you make a life experience and it is also important for work.
    In our opinion we think that it is better to go abroad for work.
    On the one hand you can consider this you do what you like and you improve better your English.
    We met a friend in Paris when we went there for a journey during our christmas holiday.
    His name is Giovanni and he studies Economy at the university.
    After Paris we met him in Milan because he has got his grandparents there.
    All in all, it was a wonderful experience to know a foreign student because you can understand different cultures of different countries.

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  7. In my view I think that going to study in a foreign country for abroad could be an interesting thing because you can have new experiences with other people and cultures and furthermore you can improve your self-sufficiency. Firstly, you have to learn to live together with your new family and secondly you have to learn a new different culture (involving food, habits, art …). Personally, I went to England three times for only two weeks, and I made friend with a lots of foreign students. One of them is Kostas (now we don’t chat much) a Greek student, he is my same age, 17 years old, and I met him during my experience in England.
    To sum up studying abroad in a foreign country is an important and special decision and in my opinion, if you do this experience you can improve your English language skills and open your mind to new cultures.

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  8. I have never thought of studying one year abroad because unfortunately it is quite expensive and I believe also hard work.
    HOWEVER I would like to go to England to improve my English because I have read on books that is a nice place, it has a lot of monuments, squares, parks and another fantastic places.
    Someone told me that schools in England are amazing and you can learn a lot of things, even if teachers are really strict. Or maybe I have watched too much of Harry Potter 😉
    In my life I made a lot of friends and one of this is a not Italian.
    He is from Burkina Faso in Africa, he came to Italy in 2007. I CONSIDER HIM a very good person and he is so friendly. Now he is studying electronics at the “J. F. Kennedy” High School in Pordenone. He WOULD LIKE TO become an electronics technician.

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  9. I personally believe that studying abroad is very important. I’ve never done that but if I had a chance I would accept it. On the one hand studying abroad is very important to learn another language and learn curious things about that country; on the other hand it is difficult because you have to leave your family and friends. However studying abroad is a good way to travel, make new friends and learn amazing things.
    Honestly I’ve never had a foreign friend but once I had a pen friend from St. Louis. He was 16 like me and we met in an online game. We wrote each other every day, now we don’t chat anymore because he is very busy because he works a lot.

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