Hello there! This is the right place for you.

We are the Jason Bourne of our school 😉

… and today (7th Feb 2016) I read a new Bourne film will be released in Summer 2016. Will be waiting for it 😉






5 thoughts on “3A MAT

  1. The film is spectacular, especially the story of Zamperini, full of ups and downs.
    My favourite part is when he grows up with a dream, and we believe in it, even going to the Olympics.It is very realistic and very well done, and the story of Zamperini is touching and funny at the same time because he fought for the American homeland but in America they didn’t even wanted him at first!


  2. The story talks about a young man called Louis Zanperini who is an Olympic athlete that after the Olympic games decided to start for a mission, but his plane crashed into the sea.
    He stayed about two months in the sea in a dingy with two survivors, but one of these died.
    Some days later a group of japanese people captured Louis and his friend and they sent them in a military-work camp when heworked hard to got out from there.
    Louis had to fought like a military and when the war ended he was able to get back home to his family.
    I think that this film is really interesting because it’s so beautiful to see how much courage, will power and love for the family he had.


  3. I have already watched Unbroken because when you are going to see the movie with the class I cant be there! But it is amazing! I really liked the story of Mr Zamperini and his friends! Angelina jolie, the director, is very good to underline how Louis resilent and hard had been! Hope everyone finds two hours to look that! Have a good watch!


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