My last Summer


My dear students!

my last summer wasn’t anything glamorous but I relaxed a lot! First because I had plenty of time to read books and stay with my family, secondly because I visited some nice places near here and in Austria (that is not so far from Friuli).

Anyway. I am extremely curious… how did YOU spend your holiday? Where did you go? What did you do during your typical day? Who did you spend your time with? A relaxing holiday can happen even if you stay at home. So don’t be shy, tell us something about your holiday! (min 100 words… remember the simple past tense 😉 )

Mrs. D.



13 thoughts on “My last Summer

  1. SUMMER 2016
    This summer I did not go to special places or far from my usual hometown because my family was busy with work.
    But there is an exciting adventure I lived and I want to tell you.
    One day in late august I received an invitatin from my brother Francesco, to attend a famous and well known, as an international, Harley Davidson motorcycle rally that takes place yearty in Austria. This invitation I got it on the fly, because both for me and fo him would be the first of along series. We planned the trip in detail, the way to go, the stops to do the things to see during the journey and how to spend a few days there.
    I and Francesco arrived the first day riding his mtorcycle Harley Davidson Sportster 883 black metallic, map in hand, littel luggage, ready we set off to Austria.
    During the journey I felt those particular emotions that only those wh like to venture out in these meetings like. Many crossmotorcyclists on the road all that with the same hand gesture greeted you as if you already knew them. We stop halfway in a pub where there were hundreds of motorbikes all different from one another by the model to the different colors that are parked formed a rainbow all from different parts of the world : England, America, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and so on. All of them approached to exchange words, to watch the bike, to advise you on what to add. They invited as drive the road in groups all in all the same all together for the same passion… the bike.
    Rested a bit, they turn ed on the engines one after the other, singing a unique sound acute roar and vibrant of the two-cylinder “V” again riding it’s off to the gal.
    Upan arrival I did not know where to look, what to listen, the whole bedple in jeans or leather pants, Gillete fringed boots , studs, long hair, schort, everywhere, lud mudic… In schort, a great celebration between brothers bikers. But there were also wonderful places to look, well kept neat and clean town, clean monuments, unforgettable views, people in solidarity, a unique beauty.
    I spent two fantastic days writhe ather biker! Thanks Fradi.

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  2. Hello!
    Last summer I was in Albania for about three weeks. At the beginning of August my family AND I went to ALBANIA BY car and to be honest I got bored too as usual because the journey WAS too long. We went TO ALBANIA ESPECCIALLY because we had the wedding of my cousin and then many other things. In Albania I would wake up early then I went out with friends on my street then returned FOR lunc, THEN after IN the afternoon I USED TO GO to MY relatives. But in the evening I went out to HAVE A WALK IN TIRANA or Durazzo, or otherwise I went out to eat always with relatives. When I was at my cousin’s WEDDINF I had fun though IT lasted too LONG as all marriages in Albania. It started at 9:00 a. m. and ended at 5 a.m. PUR last three days were spent in Tirana with my cousin, we went to the movies, we went out in the evening with his friends, then went out FOR DINNER.
    This was my summer I hope you’ve enjoyed THE READING MRS. DORIGO!

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  3. Hello My name is Kevin Rueda ☺ I am 16 years
    I Live in morsano tagliamento.
    Now I WOULD LIKE TO tell her my holidays. In thOse beautiful DAYS I was in Colombia.
    First thing that is done I went to visit my family, my friends and even places past events that have gone from small. And after eating so mUCH GOOD FOOD in Colombia, THEN I went to the beach with my friends. I enjoyed it a lot, I went out all night. I WENT to MANY partIES. I also went to watch SOME SOCCER gameS AT my friends’ PARTY in the city and I HAD A good times. I likeD to go and find them all after half a year and spent three months in Colombia, iT was beautiful. That’s all. Good bye 😉

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  4. My summer started very well, starting from my dance SHOW which TOOK (PASSATO DI TAKE) place every year at the Pasolini THEATRE IN Casarsa. We finished the SHOW AND THEN we WENT (PASSATO DI GO) to a restaurant to celebrate OUR success. AFTER THAT we all WENT home and relax. A few weeks later I went to Valvasone to begin my work I do during the summer. Which it is to lend a hand in a riding where ONE OF MY FATHER’S FRIENDS teaches riding. My job WAS to help students to clean riding horses, saddle and clothe them. And sometimes in return FOR us THERE WAS a free lesson. Like all the courses and classes of any discipline THEY end during the summer and then start again when you begin the year. A few weeks later I went to Arzene to make the ENTERTAINER in a summer camp , where TAUGHT (PASSATO DI TEACH) break dance to children. I also had the opportunity to go to another summer center in San vito but unfortunately summer COULDN’T go because we had already PLANNED to go TO Puglia with two of our friends. Where WE were housed in a tower by the sea. Back home I rushed to Valvasone because it was about to begin A FAMOUS MIDDLE AGE FESTIVAL where I WAS the waiter. At the end of the FESTIVAL I begAn to prepare books and folderS because soon I HAD TO begin school AGAIN.


  5. DURING my summer holIdays I usually go TO THE swimming pool with my friendS or we WENT at Palarosa to play basket or soccer. At THE BEGINNING of summer in San Giovanni, MY TOWN, the SO CALLED sagra STARTED, where I USUALLY WENT EVERY NIGHT.
    ON the 17th July I turned 15 years old, SO I HAD a PARTY with my close friends. After the PARTY I celebrated my birthday with MY family. I received from my brother SOME beautiful sunglasses.
    In the weekendS I usually WENT witH my father TO THE mountainS between the province of Pordenone and Udine.
    AT the end of summer holydays I returnED BACK TO school.


  6. Last summer I went to Albania to spend the holidays with my mom, and I went around with my cousin who was my guide and showed me all the most fascinating areas of Albania and I must say it was very exciting to know that such a small place such as Albania can be so resourceful.
    During the day I and my cousin AND I spent time in the beach bar drinking and socializing with the girls of the area. During the evening we went to the disco to have fun and to SPEND our money on alcohol and SOME FUN. The next morning we went to the beach to SUNBATH and play volleyball with people in the area who was very sociable. In the evening we went out FOR dinner with our other friends and then TO THE club and ON Friday we went hunting for rabbits and thanks to them I learned how to hold a rifle and aim and then boom! =) This was my summer.


  7. Last summer I went to Paris with my family; my mother Katia, my father Paolo and my brother Daniele. We went to Paris by camper becAuse we like travelling with it. For that voyage my mum made a lot of stop points to eat, drink, relax and sleep. So we did the voyage in safety. Our first stop was in the mountains IN A PLACE called “Alpi” but nothing it’s important to visit THERE. we continued to the second stop point. We arrived to Paris. It’s a very expensive city and beautiful but the souvenirs (and not only) cost a lot. We saw the Arche of trionfe and the Tour eiffel. we walkED around the city and at the end we were back to OUR camper EVERY DAY. Lastly we WENT to Omaha Beach WHERE we saw a lot of white crossES for the dead soldiers. At the end we came back home, to Sesto al Reghena. It was a fantastic experience an I hope to do another trip in another part of the world NEXT SUMMER.

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  8. Hi! I’m Sergio. I’m 17 years old.
    I REALLY like summer becAuse I don’t go to schoOl. I also like eating pizza in the summer. This year MY DREAM WAS TO spend my SUMMER in Japan.
    WHERE I WOULD HAVE SEEN A lot of skyscrapers, old houseS, barS, and THE sea.
    the sea full of people, a lot of Japanese. I THINK THAT THE JAPANESE CULTURE IS REALLY INTERESTING.
    BUT I STAYED home IN italy where I went to the disco at the seaside in Lignano, IN FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA, MY REGION, every night.
    DUring the summer I went out with people (friends), I ate a lot of seafood and I also went to Torino where there is the palazzo reale.


  9. LAST SUMMER I wEnt TO THE the beach with my family and my uncles and cousins; in the morning around 06:00 I woke up to get ready to go to THE sea. At 07.30 we got into the car to go TO my uncles and my cousins to go to the beach together. At about 09:00 we were at the beach covered with sunscreen LOTION ready to play. At abOUT 10.00 we went to the pool. Around 12.30 we went to eat a pizza AT the beach then we went for a bowl tournament and IN THE evening at about 09.00 Pm we USED to eat a cHiCken in Caorle. ON A SPECIFIC DAY because that day they did the later THERE I SAW A FIREWORKS SHOW fires around 23.30 THAT ended at 00.10


  10. Last summer I went to Rome for 7 days. I went there by PLANE (It WAS a fantastic experience!), was with my parents (unfortunately!) in a beautiful hotel in the center. In the capital, I visited ‘Colosium’, ‘Piazza di Spagna’,’Fontana di Trevi’. I think that Rome is a wonderful city, with a lot of monuments and museums. Rome has got many attractions and bars as well as discos, excellent pizzerias and restaurants.
    The weather was very beautiful!! It was REALLY sunny (sometimes so hot!)


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