eSafety: online risks; online rules

We are working on this specific topic. It is quite a visual lesson plan. Students love it!


We saw this video (thank you to WellCast! 🎁)

video on safety on the internet

In the classroom,  we made a Before watching, While watching and After watching activity (even with some grammar… I know it is boring, but sometimes it happens you need to go through grammar 😆)


The first video was followed by this about bullying

video on bullying

and this about cyberbullying

how to beat cyberbullies

and made all usual listening and speaking activities.


We made a list of: a) cyber risks and b) eSafety rules

It wasn’t that difficult. We had previously spoken about it during our Italian lessons too.

Then today we read this article (in Italian ) on the newspaper

articolo in italiano



What have we learnt?

@ we have improved our awareness on eSafety and

@ we have improved our awareness on bullying;

@ We have learnt better what cyberbullying is;

@ We have made lists of rules on the internet and risks in the internet (what you SHOULD, what you SHOULDN’T do);

@ We have improved our vocabulary about ICT;

@ And now… we are going to create a survey to learn how much students in Europe know about eSafety and Internet risks (we will revise the simple present and present perfect, while  creating a questionnaire on a topic we think now we know well).

Our project on the matter will lead to a survey, which we hope a lot of students in Europe will take to help us collect a great amount of data to be read by class 4 next year.

Stay tuned 💻

Graphs will follow 📉📊 (next year?)


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