junk food vs healthy food

In the classroom we are dealing with food in general. Basically, in Unit 4 of our school book there are some specific English as Foreign language activities on the matter. Well, they are a little bit boring. So we thought of making it an entertaining but highly educational activity thank you to some videos about food habits, junk food, healthy food a.s.o. Lastly, with a poll.


We students created this poll together, divided in groups of two. Mrs. Dorigo, our English teacher, skimmed them and chose the best 10 questions (for her). Hope you’ll like our survey but, above all, you’ll take it! All the results will be studied and considered by class 4 (they are two years older than us) in order to analyze and study graphs and their English micro language.

This is the specific link to it food-habits



One thought on “junk food vs healthy food

  1. Hello guys! Have you ever eaten real junk food? I want to tell you that I prefer to eat Italian food and have healthy food. But once a month with my friends I go to McDonald’s or some fast food restaurants. I know that is better to skip it, but it is ok once a month.
    Worse it is when people visits every day this type of restaurants. Most of the times people become ill of obesity for this reason.
    So! Be carrful of what you usally eat!!

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