and what about food?


The relationship with food in Italy is quite a glorious one. Italians are in love with it, and they are very world wide famous for their cuisine.

What do you think Italians like more? Do they like exotic food? What do they usually eat for breakfast, or lunch or dinner? Please answer and tell us!


Can you read a menu?

Choose 1 among these 3. Then describe it in 120 words, telling us:

How many courses does the restaurant offer? How many dishes does the restaurant offer? What kind of restaurant is it? Is it expensive or not? Would you like to have lunch or dinner there? Why or why not? What is peculiar of this restaurant? Can you tell us which dish intrigued you more? Why? Why do  you prefer this to the other two?






4 thoughts on “and what about food?

  1. Food is important for our body but not only… It’s important for our mood, too! When you eat something, you can taste the aroma with your mouth and your emotions. I like sweet food as cakes, ice cream or candies especially when I feel blue. Sometimes I feel sad so I go to the kitchen and I look for something sweet to eat. My favourite food is nutella, I put it on a slice of bread and I start to it in a few minutes! My body feels better and my heart, too. Sadness goes away, bad feelings become good and natural. I love nutella, it’s a sweet poem for me as the sun going down the sea.


    • Thank you Yuri but… that was not really the question here.
      However, while waiting for your homework, I appreciated your description of your nutella feelings 😉


  2. Lunch plays a key role for Italians, which remains the main meal of the day. However, it can vary according to personal needs or habits: some can go home, others go to the restaurant or others simply have a snack at the local bar. Usually, however, a typical Italian lunch consists of a main courses of pasta, a second meat or fish and a vegetable garnish and, finally, a coffee sometimes preceded by fruit or a dessert.
    However in recent years the habit to consume only the main course or the sides took place in order to be able to cope better with the rest of the work day.
    Italians usually prefer eating pizza, pasta, meat, fish.Personally I believe that Italians don’t like eating exotic food very much. Maybe they like some exotic fish or vegetables such as oysters or pineapples.

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