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  1. One of my favourite film is the battle of hacksaw ridge.
    I saw it the first time at the cinema.
    It practically tell the story of a guy who wants to go to war and do a doctor, and there is his father telling him not to go but he insists he is not right that he is at home and there are people who die in war without He will help
    In the end he gets caught up and begins doing military exercises.
    He begins to have problems because he does not want to touch his arms
    But to overcome the exercise had to use them
    He insists on not wanting to do it and the army puts him in jail as a deserter
    But his father helps him with the knowledge he had in the army
    And he passes the exercise without touching arms
    They go to war and begin to save lives
    He did not stop until he could save as many people as possible
    In the end they succeed in winning the war thanks to him
    And it is rewarded
    I like this movie because it shows the courage of this guy is the strength and the will to save all those lives by putting into play his

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  2. The title of the film is Unbroken, this film is a war, very strong, violent and drama. The film is based on a book, precisely on a biography. The director is Angelina Jolie, and the year of production is the 2014. The film is set in America in 1943. The film is about Louis, “Louie” is an italian immigrant child, where Louie is a troublemaker, who steals, drink liquor and smoke, so he is often picked on by other kids, but the time becomes he more disciplined.
    One day his Brother decides to train him to be a runner becoming a runner.
    Louie is qualifies the 8th at the Olympics game in Berlin in 1936. When he grow up becomes a bombardier of United States Army against Japanese held. One day during the mission theirs plane crashes in the ocean. Louie, Mac and Phil survive in the ocean above two dinghies.
    The surivive several day, when Mac dies after the 33rd days.
    One day Louie and Phil are then taken and they are kept in a dungeon. An onother they are sent pow camps. Here, they know Japanese Caporal, Mutshiro Watanabe where treats him very cruelly because Louie is former Olympian. They resist the cruelly for more than two years. Finally Louie dies in 2014 and he could never take part in the Tokyo Olympics. In this film plays the main role Louie and caporal Japanese Watanabe, and other main stars is Phil,
    Obviously my favourite character in the film is the protagonist, Louie, because I like his courage to deal with the bad cruelly day after die.
    If I had been in him I wouldn’t have done it. This film would like of a strong person with stomach and like the story movies.

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  3. The film Unbroken genre drama, war. This film tell Louis Zamperini flying as bombardier, but the plane is baldy damaged and second mission fell in the ocean. The story flash-back tellabout young italian-american that was a troublemaker, one day his brother Peter sees how fast Louie qualifies for the 1936 Summer Olimpics. Louie and two people of the crew survive and live on two inflatable rafts. On the 47th day japanese sailors capture Louie and Phil. Upon arrival the two are separated and sent to different POW camp. Louie’s camp Omari in Tokyo met Watanabe that is very cruelly with he.
    This film is based on a book, is set in Torrance, California in 1943. Jack O’Connell start as Louis Zamperini, Alex Russell as Peter, Domhnall Gleeson as Phil and Takamasa Ishihara play the role of Matsuhiro Watanabe.
    The main roles are Louie, Phill, Peter and Watanabe.
    Personally I favourite character is Louis because I liked how he was able to cope with the difficulties.
    I think this film is an ideal for young people, but don’t for children, this story is interesting and real.

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  4. The title of this film is Unbroken, the genre of it is a strong violence drama war.
    This film is based of a biography of Luis Zamperini.
    It is about a wartime drama about Olympic athlete who was taken prisoner by the Japanese during the World War II°.
    The director of this film is Angelina Jolie, it is set to America and Japan, it is started set on October 2013 in Australia.
    The stars in this film are: Jack O’Connell (Luis), Damhall Gleesen (Phil), Jai Courteney, Finn Wittrock, Corrett Hedlund, Alex Russell and Miyavi (Japanese caporal Watanabe).
    About my opinion Luis, Watanabe and Luis’ Brother plays the main role in the film.
    My favorite character is éeter Zamperini, because he tries to make his Brother a good boy and a good athlete since Louis had taken a bad road.
    I think this film is an ideal film for strong people who like real and war stories, it is very interesting.

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  5. The movie was nice but too violent and that is why I did not see it all, but it explained to me how it was once there was bulism. The part I liked was that of the guy who ran to run to be the best he did not care about anything people said. But if I have to vote, I would say five stars.

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