speaking English with no stress

Hi my dear students,

herewith you can find a photo that I kindly ask you to describe. Even if it is a written exercise, remember it is for your oral skills. When we will be back in the classroom , I’d like you to describe it (or another one) orally.

Let’s speak English!

Have a very happy Easter!

Mrs Dorigo


Related image

describe this picture and possibly at the end of the description give your opinion on the situation





5 thoughts on “speaking English with no stress

  1. This image shows eight people in the room and three out of the room. People inside the room are cleaning the classroom. There are two people who clean the floor and three who cleaned with a broom. Then on the right there are two guys who endorse the chairs and the end of the picture there is a guy who cleans the blackboard. In the classroom you can see that there is so much filth.
    Three boys are dressed in red pants and white T-shirt instead of the other with red pants and red sweatshirt.


  2. in the pictur i see 11 person, this person are cleaning the classroom, 5 person are cleaning the floor, 2 are moving the chair and one are cleaning the blackboard, the others three person
    I did not understand what they’re doing. In the corner i see a person sitting, perhaps is tired.
    The chairs are very heavy since hard to raise them.7


  3. In this photo I can see a school classroom with a lot of students. I understand it because there is a blackboard, there are desks, there are backpacks, billboards, drawings and clock. The blackboard is the middle of the wall, the desks are on the right the photo, the backpacks are put around, the billboards are on the walls and drawings and the clock is the top middle of the wall, finally there are two persons out of the classroom. The students are cleaning their classroom. One boy is cleaning the blackboard, two girls and two boys are cleaning the floor and one boy and one girl move chairs. In my opinion the guys are Japanese and all wear a t-shirt white and red pants,but I don’t know why these guys are cleaning their classroom.


  4. This image shows a Group of joung students who are cleaning the class of a school.
    In the background there is a person who is wearing a White T-shirt and a red trousers. He is cleaning a blackboard. The women in the middle is wearing a red suite and she sweeping the floor.
    The man on the corner on the right is sitting on the floor, maybe because he was tired because had worked before. In the middle there are a women and a man who are bringing two chairs with some jackets on the top. In the bottom right there are some desks with a lot of black and White jackets on the top. I think these joung students are probably very tired because they were working many hours.


  5. In this picture I can see a group of eight students that ARE cleaning THEIR classroom. All young ARE wearING a red uniform.
    In the bottom right there are all the desks and chairs; in the bottom left there IS a boy passing a rag on the floor. On the left there is one boy sweeping g, behind another guy who IS cleaNING the blackboard; in the middle there is a student sitting in the corner the near of rubbish.
    Three of them ARE wearing T-shirts and the other wearing the sweatshirt. Outside the class there are people that ARE talkING; on the right there are two boys to move the desks and the chairs. Five guys ARE CLEANING THE floor, three have the brooms and two a rag. I think it’s afternoon after the lessons have finished, probably it is a day the spring because somebody is wearing short-sleeved.

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