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10 thoughts on “Express Your Opinion!

  1. PERSONALLY, I think football playerS are paID too much just to play a game that give them pleasure. for example other sportS’ playerS are not paID in the same way. In my opinion this is just because today football HAS became a sport watched and played just because anyone doES it, or just to bet on a match, while other sports are watched to follow a team or a player playing what he likES to do, and not just to earn money or become famous.


  2. Frankly, the football playerS, in my opinion are too much paid for a simple game. I think there are a lot of jobS that can be called these and can be paid like the football playerS. In fact Ihonestly think that there are different wayS to invest soo much money, also for a only football player who earnS so much for a simple football player. KICKING A BALL.


  3. In my opinion, the sports are ruined by the sponsor busIness; indeed the company payS lot of money for advertiseMENT they product exploiting the popularity of players.
    The buisness BUSINESS behind the sports is the real problem; and the earning of player is only a result from the buisness IT, anyhow, they earn too many MUCH money.


  4. In my view football playerS earn too much money but this happenS in all sports. In my opinion this isn’t a good thing because there are many players who play only for the money though they are not really good in this sport. This happenS also because the majority of clubS belong of TO rich mans MEN who don’t know the importance of money and spend without a reason. I believe if football wouldn’t be a famous sport, football players WOULD earn much less than now.


  5. As for as I’m concerned the FOOTBALL players earn too much money because in a football season THEY earn millions for playing 90 minutes per game and I STRONGLY BELIEVE THIS IS something exaggerated in comparison to other sports and IT is unfair.


  6. As far as I am concerned, I hate DON’T LIKE football players (and not only them) becAuse earn too much money. Why A person receiveS tons of money when the person ON the Street IS starving? I my opinion i don’t accept this! For me IT is BIG UNFAIR! WhyA PERSON LIKE THESE HAS GOT 2 or 3 homeS? you need 3 homeS for livING? will not one be sufficent ? when a lot of people haven’t A SINGLE home and live and sleep in the Street. Under a bridge. They must make war in the order TO SURVIVE. is This correct? This TOPIC makeS me angry!!!!
    BUT sometimes they give money to beneficence and from my point of view THIS IS really good. I LOVE IT.


  7. I belive that football is a very beautiful game because allows you to meet many people, also of other countries, and have fun but there is a problem because football players earn to much money.
    In my view this is caused by the many people that are passionate to this game and are willing to spend much money for the tickets of the stadiums and other stuff about them.
    To my mind this isn’t correct and I honestly think that a big part of THAT money could be giveN to the charity.


  8. Good morning,
    In my opinion the football is a beautiful game. But the players are tOo much paID, so the salary of the players should BE reduceD.
    We can use the remaining money to help someone that needS really a help.


  9. As far as I’m conceRned THEY REALLY earn much because the world of football is part of the entertainment world, that is what is most requested by the public. As simple as indisputable.
    We must wake up, football is no longer what it once was.


  10. In my opinion, football players REALLY earn too much money. In my view they only play a simple game just for fun. I can’t see why they SHOULD earn money for pleasure. I honestly BELIEVE that other sport players DON’T earn SO MUCH money but sometimeS THEY give IT ALSO to CHARITY while SOME football players don’t.


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