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In your opinion what are the pros and cons of automation?

I am looking forward to receiving your comments here below!

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8 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of Automation

  1. IN MY view automation IS an invention that changed the very way we live, but at the same time IT greatly reduces the number of jobs in industries.


  2. Automation haS many pros and many cons.
    On THE one side the automation eliminates human error and the process automation lends itself to removing the most boring busy work tasks.
    Furthermore the automation implementS production but decreases human works, increasing the unemployment.
    ALL IN ALL automation is not perfect because EVEN machines can commit errorS and can fail and requires the presence of A HUMAN BEING.


  3. In my opinion, the automation is a fantastic tecnology, but there are some cons.
    Firstly, automation can be very difficult to be undersTOOD by old persons that don’t have a good istruction about technology or they aren’t interested IN the technology; second, the automation steals the work to the people, and this is the principal problem; third, the automation is very expensive to install or repair.
    But the automation had also pros: it’s fast, precise and if it is made very well, it doesn’t make mistakes.
    Probably, in the future, EVERYTHING will be automatic, but this don’t make me UNHappy.


  4. pros : develops te production , doesthe product in a short time , works without stopping , doesn’t do mistake
    cons : takes of human work , doesn’t work alone , machines need maintenance , if machines break repairs are expansive


  5. Cons: there more work for the people and the machines cost much if they break.
    Pros: do the job more quickly, are very precise, are innovative and time-saving.
    more of this I do not know what to say but I know that technology is making progress and then in the future could help us at all and thus make a simpler world.


  6. Automation: the work of machines. Disadvantages: only work the machines, fewer jobs, more layoffs, less manual … all unfavorable things for us. Benefits: more productive, more profit, more fast and precise work, positive aspects but also a bit negative. This situation is in many small, medium and large. But I think that not all jobs can be done by machines, there are manual jobs that workers are still as: welding, working and shaping iron and metal and other small jobs as well. Finally, I believe that if I had my own company in the future, I’d use so many machines would be those workers, indeed I would give more work to the wardens to a finished job and better if it was done with his own hands.


  7. cons: fewer jobs (at least at first)
    pros: better jobs (at least eventually)
    that probably sums it up for a lot of people.
    sometimes its the other way around. there are many, many jobs in the textiles industry, but many of those jobs are very low-quality or very grueling work. id rather sew by hand than work in an actual sweatshop.
    whether your view of automation is sunny or dystopian probably depends on which examples you focus on. i certainly dont think its all bad, and it could be a good thing.

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