Your Next Pair of Adidas Sneakers Could Be Made By a Robot Near You — TIME

Automation, robots and new technologies. My dear students (class  5) READ THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE and then tell me what you think about automation in a broad sense. Pros and cons? For and against? We have gone through this topic during the year, and I strongly believe you have your own idea on the topic.

Waiting for your comments.

Adidas will begin producing shoes in Germany again in 2017, using robots to produce them quickly and locally. After more than 20 years since the company halted production in Germany, Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer announced the opening of the 4,600 square-meter “Speed Factory,” according to an AFP report. Production is currently done by hand…

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5 thoughts on “Your Next Pair of Adidas Sneakers Could Be Made By a Robot Near You — TIME

  1. In my opinion that can be an evolution. On the one hand ROBOTS improve THE idea THAT THEY can make the production faster and with lower costs, but on the other hand, WITH ALL this automation, WE wouldn’t need people in factories and this COULD LEAD TO UNEMPLOYMENT comport an innumerable fires.


  2. In my opinion Adidas have maDe THE best choice to produce shoes USING robots BECAUSE THEY ARE very fast and cheaper than employee,s but ON the other side THEY PRODUCE UNEMPLOYMENT. FactorIES THAT MAKE DECISIONS like Adidas ARE very common becAuse robots can’t make errors like humans AND THEY PRODUCE EXACTLY WHAT THE OWNERS TELL THEM. HOWEVER THEY can’t think. I THINK robots AREthe new era of employees.


  3. Personally, I think THWT what Adidas is doing can be seen as an advantage or A disadvantage.
    The pros, if adidas useS robotS in their factories, are the lowER cost of shoes; ON THE OTHER HAND they WOULDN’t need people in their factories and this COULD create a global economIC crisis.


  4. If Adidas wants to, it can come and open a company in Gradisca di Spilimbergo (the town where I live). It’s not a problem to me. As long as they talk about jobs for robots and not for people, they can do whatever they want. I do not know what will be the future of our world.


  5. I think that Adidas has made a smart choice in FROM AN ECONOMICAL point of view, but I think that this choice is not really good for the employees because they will LOSE THEIR JOB. I think that if all INDUSTRIES would work LIKE Adidas is doing, then I BELIEVE there would be a crise. This is why I think that I will boycott Adidas shoes, because I don’t want more FACTORIES to work like this.


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