Internet Day

30 years ago the Internet came to Italy. Italy discovered the Net. It has been a long long journey. And it will be a long journey in the future. Here you can find some articles about it.

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article 2

But what is your personal opinion on the Internet? What are the pros and cons of it? Are you for or against it? I guess you guys are all for it…

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7 thoughts on “Internet Day

  1. I think the Internet is important in this world because it helps people to communicate with other people easily and to socialise. In my opinion, on the one hand the Internet is very important because if you need anything you can surf in it and find everything. On the other hand I think that the Internet makes people addicted to it, so the society becomes more and more ignorant.


  2. I think that the Internet is very important for everybody’s life because you can buy things online, you can have an online bank and so you can pay using your computer. All these things make it faster to have WHAT you need. I think that the Internet will become more and more important because you can find a lot of information IN IT. I can even LEARN A LOT about places very far from here.


  3. I am for the Internet. It helps us to communicate with people far from us. HOWEVER It’s true that the virtualisation made the sense of humanity not much respected. The values of the past no longer exist. For example, some cousins of mine do not want to stay with the adults because in our tradition, when you are with your family you can’t use your mobile phone continuously. ON THE PTHER HAND Thanks to the Internet I do not need communication by letter. The Internet allows me to know things that seem far from me. It is obvious that the Internet has some drawbacks, but it’s because humans use things in a bad way sometimes.


  4. THE Internet is very important for today’s society , now unless you have an internet connection YOU CAN FEEL excluded from the world . Internet puts you in communication with people across the World, It allows you to buy products that come from other parts of the world sitting quietly at home, but we must be very careful ABOUT what you do. THE internet can be very dangerous.
    Today’s young people are very attached to the Internet and WITHOUT AN Internet CONNECTION THEY feel lost .


  5. In my opinion THE Internet is a very important tool nowadays because it has a lot of advantages. Anyway, it has also a lot of disadvantages that must be envisaged.
    The pros are: you can communicate easily even with people far from you can; you can find every information you need when you want to; you can buy online and save some money;
    The cons are: your personal information is compromised; you can become addicted to the Internet; Internet crimes such as cyber-bullying, hacking and the deep web.


  6. I think the invention and the use of THE Internet was very important for the world globalization, IT has connected all the world and has increasED more trades between countries.
    It contributed to a quick and easy telecommunications between people through the use of the SMART phones, FOR EXAMPLE. HOWEVER the world of the Internet is very tricky because if you do not use its true capabilities, IT can become dangerous.
    An example OF THIS is the phenomenon of social networks that COULD ALSO lead to the wrong people AND CAN put PEOPLE in trouble.


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