Teachers Are Rock Stars

Re5dOKxdre0RF-9IUVUnQL3_6Nb2ctK0kGGLjMcTaedMxIz0Ci5EuJQqEjGZQSIHO29EDDHUqzG84kT0dfNyRA=w506-h285-nNever thought of myself as a Rock star.

I love this new image of me 😊 and I believe this blog post is amazing. If possible, read it!
Mrs. D.

Nerdy Book Club

Teachers are rock stars. And librarians. You’re all rock stars. Every member of the Nerdy Book Club rocks. I’ve been tagged (only a couple times) in tweets with the hashtag #AuthorsAreRockStars, to which I scoff, “P’shaw!” I’m just a normal guy. We all shop at the same Target. We probably use the same toilet paper (brand, not square). I just happened to be fortunate enough to get a book published.

You, on the other hand … I don’t know how you do it. You stand up every day in front of dozens, if not hundreds of students. You spend your “free” time planning lessons, grading assignments, writing reports, responding to student/parent/teacher/administrator emails, and trying to stay on top of today’s bureaucratic educational standards and responsibilities (but you don’t need me to tell you what it is you do – you already know).

Yet somehow you manage to read almost…

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