Smartphones Are Too Complicated

You young people fall in love with your smart phones the moment you set eyes on them. Even if I think you tend to ask for divorce very soon, because it is easy for you to find a new, most powerful and colourful one.Smartphone-foto

However, look what I have found here! In this article it is claimed that smartphones are too complicated. What is your point of view?

But there’s reason for hope

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5 thoughts on “Smartphones Are Too Complicated

  1. Hello my name is jett I’m reeses friend
    I have a iPhone and I think they are hard to use
    What type of phone do you have in Italy I live in Australia

    From jett

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  2. Hello
    My name is reese and I think you are right. But what is your favourite phone brand? Mine is an iphone.
    to reply and check out my blog my blog thing is

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  3. I BELIEVE THAT modern smart phones are very easy to use and have many functions.
    The new smart phones are a small PCs and THEY offer the possibility of comunicate, send messages, mail, video, music, and applications simply touching theIR screen.
    Over all, smart phones could be to search information, to play, and IT is possible TO use THEM as gps, WITH calculators and to translate textS and messages to the maximum simplicity.
    IN my opinion smart phoneS ARE much easier to use THAN BEFORE and THEY ARE essential in every day life.


  4. I think modern smart phones are much better than ordinary old ones, with many more possibilities. Everything looks great. My opinion is complicated way to use it because they are all on a touchscreen-in. This allows fast and easy communication. Some of the positive things of smartphones. Smartphones are converted into small pocket PCs. We can fast find specific information and watch videos. Smartphones are especially prominent in that because they are available anywhere, and charging can even make it through the car. Some of the negative things are: HARMFUL RADIATION dangerous for people; addiction to mobile phones; REDUCTION OF INTELLIGENCE IN PEOPLE ; vision defects. Many people have more than one phones at home. I think of course there are positive and negative sides, however I don’t think they are not too complicated, but it is part of the modern ages.


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