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Today it has been raining cats and dogs. So that was a great chance for me to rest, really rest. I read a lot: my currently book (Fahrenheit 451) and then through the internet. As I am keeping this blog for my classes (even if it seems they don’t appreciate it much though, but I am working on it – I am a never give up kind of person), well, I said I am keeping this blog for my students, but I love going through the WordPress reader sections and also the Discover section (made for me by humans who love reading 🙂 – wish I was one of them! Can I work for WordPress?). While I was skipping the thousands of super awesome blogs in the blogosphere I stopped here: There You Are

And so, here again. POETRY. When I was at the High school, teachers made me hate it. It was only a compulsory activity to me. I couldn’t enjoy it at all. Then, after many years I discovered Hikmet, and I finally fell in love with human words, that can be deadly weapons but also soothing medicine. It was an epiphany to me.  Not that I read poetry every day, but I have some poetry books on my nightstand that I read once in a blue moon, or when I need to. Just a sonnet is ok to feel better or to find an enlightment after a difficult day.

The problem is… I would like to teach some English poems at school, a vocational High School. WHAT DO YOU THINK BLOGGERS? Should I? And which poem should I pick up? Shakespeare?  Larkin? Or is it a waste of time (what my students will for sure say)?






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