Emergency Room Visits Double for Colorado Marijuana Tourists

Emergency room visits involving pot did not change for Colorado residents

Source: Emergency Room Visits Double for Colorado Marijuana Tourists


This has been and will be a really difficult and tough topic. According to the latest news, cannabis has created a great emergency room visits increase in the State of Colorado (USA).

As in the classroom we are dealing with expressing our opinions and so we went through useful expressions and the usual boring grammar staff, I would like to hear your voice about this topic: cannabis or not cannabis? Are you for or against legalized marijuana? Which pros and cons?

My fellow bloggers all around the world, you can freely leave here below your personal comment on the matter if you’d like to!

Personally I believe… well, on the subject I would prefer not to state my view, just because (as above said) anything could lead to unfortunate misinterpretations. So, as I am also a teacher, I prefer to keep my own opinion on the matter and just listen to yours without telling you my own. Hope you can understand!