My dear students,

tomorrow (but every single day of the year) play it safe in the internet, and information technologies in general (including cell phones)! Be careful and avoid using social accounts if you are not sure they are safe. Moreover: make real friends! Friends on social accounts are not friends at all. Keep in touch with people in the flesh and make friends only with a few.

Tomorrow: focus on the internet and its daily use. Go to our Ministry related page  for further information about the world campaign.

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.
Safer Internet Day 2016 will be celebrated on Tuesday 9 February 2016, with a theme of ‘Play your part for a better internet!’.

In this interesting article, the author claims that “most children and young people use the internet positively. However, sometimes they behave in ways that may place them at risk. Some risks do not necessarily arise from the technology itself but result from offline behaviours that are extended into the online world, and vice versa.

Potential risks can include, but are not limited to:

  • bullying by peers and people they consider  ‘friends’
  • posting personal information that can identify and locate a child offline
  • sexual grooming, luring , exploitation and abuse contact with strangers
  • exposure to inappropriate and/or content
  • exposure to racist or hate material
  • encouragement  of violent behaviour
  • glorifying activities such as drug taking or excessive drinking
  • physical harm to young people in making video content, such as enacting and imitating stunts and risk taking activities
  • leaving and running away from home as a result of contacts made online”


Play your part for a better Internet!

Mrs D.



“Play your part for a better Internet!”. È questo lo slogan del Safer Internet Day 2016, la Giornata mondiale per la sicurezza in Rete istituita e promossa dalla Commissione Europea che, giunta alla sua XIII edizione, si celebrerà domani, in contemporanea, in oltre 100 nazioni di tutto il mondo.
Play your part for a better internet! I Super Errori del Web, protagonisti di una campagna social lanciata lo scorso autunno. Si tratta di sette personaggi, Chat Woman, l’Incredibile Url, l’Uomo Taggo, la Ragazza Visibile, Silver Selfie, Tempestata e Il Postatore Nero, che incarnano i comuni errori che i ragazzi (e non solo) fanno quando navigano da soli su Internet o usano le tecnologie.

12 thoughts on “#SID2016

  1. I use the Internet to download films and music.
    Communication technology keeps people in touch even from far away.
    Internet and in particular social networks like Facebook and Instagram are fascinating. I have a Facebook account which I often use to put my pictures.
    You must be careful surfing the net because there are many viruses that can damage your computer.
    When I have time, I prefer going out with my friends.
    Internet is a technical revolution that offers a lot of information and keeps many people connected.


  2. I usually use the internet to text with my friends through FB or other social networks.
    I think that communication technology gets people closer because through the internet you can communicate with a person even if he/she lives very far away.
    I’m attracted by the internet and social networks because they are very useful. With them you can play videogames, you can meet your virtual friends on the net, you can watch videos and you can do many other things. I have got only one social account, Facebook. I usually use it to pass my spare time or to communicate with my friends. I usually use Facebook in my free time.
    I’m aware of the cyber risks and I know them. The cyber risk that I know best is cyberbullying: with this some guys insult other guys on social networks.
    I prefer going out with my friends and playing football or going out with them rather than sitting behind a screen because I don’t like staying alone at home.
    All in all, I think it is better to spend time with real friends instead of virtual friends because you can’ t ever know who is hiding behind a screen.

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  3. I mainly use the internet to stay in contact with my friends when I can’t see them directly. I think the communication online is useful to stay in contact with people when we can’t talk directly with them. I also think tecnology will drift people apart and won’t take them closer, only if we will permit this. Personally, I have some social network accounts and I usually use them but if I can meet people directly I take this opportunity. Hlwever, I know there are many cyber risks like cyber bullism, as a matter of fact I believe this is the most known one. I find it awful.
    If I have the possibility I prefer to see my friends directly and not on the social networks. I think the virtual life and the internet reality are good to use only if we have awareness to not use that like a life style.

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  4. I mainly use the internet for school, for video games, to read the daily news, to read my e-mails. I think this gets people closer.
    I am fascinated by the internet and the social accounts but I haven’t got any accounts, for example Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
    On the internet there are the cyber risk and I am aware of them. I know them and what they are and mean.
    For example, when you chat on line or when you surf the net you can find viruses or improbable people that are not to be trusted.
    Personally, I prefer going out whith my friends than keeping in touch only on the social networks because speaking face to face with the people is better.
    All in all, I prefer the real life because, unlike the virtual life, it’s real.


  5. I mainly use the internet to answer at all kinds of questions I make to myself. For example, when I think about a thing, I surf the net to find all the information on it and find what I was aiming.
    I believe that communication technology gets people closer because I can call or send messages all over the world without spending too much money as it happened before.
    With the modern technologies, I can talk with my family also I am far away.
    Personally, I don’t like too much these social networks because people talk between them without seeing each other throught a PC screen. It’s a problem because people when they are one in front of the other can’t talk as once.
    I have one account on FB but I use it only for fun.
    I’m aware about the cyber risks, but they can’t touch me too much because I don’t have fotos, videos or secrets about my life in this social.
    I know all the risks, in fact I do not think it is a means of communication need, I keep it for personal convenience, to keep me in contact with friends who are far away or ifI haven’t their mobile numbers.
    I prefer going out and meeting friends rather than spending time in front of a monitor. When you are with real people, you can enjoy a lot more instead to sit in front of pc or stand with smartphone in your hand without talking to anyone.
    Virtual life has both negative aspects and positive, it’s all about how you use the resources made available, with the advent of the Internet, the lives of many people has been simplified but osomeone thinks of the opposite.
    Our grandparents, who hadn’t Internet connection and all of this virtual reality,lived in my opinion a life freedom and independence on technology. I even believe they lived in a social and more united society than that of our days.

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  6. I use the internet above all for personal purposes, school work, to read the newspaper, to watch films,ect. I think that the internet unites virtually the whole world as an incredibly large database. A thing that allows some form of social even if virtual interaction. Of course, there is the problem with today’s use of the Internet.
    Personally, I enjoy all the benefits of the Internet, but I’m not fascinated by the Internet because the world is technologically developed, and how our life depends on the computer, constantly “surfing” on the Internet required, for me, a large part of our everyday life. I have social accounts that I use frequently. I am informed about cyber risks, one of these risk is our privacy, which is very important. Personally, I prefer to meet my family and friends in person. I think this is the only way to honestly know a person, but I think that social networks are not a bad thing if one uses them in the right ways.


  7. In the internet I usually search for information for my work and I usually send and receive emails from my friends, teachers and my tutor at work.
    I think the internet keep people apart because children use too much their cellphone.
    I am not fascinated by the internet… but I have got a social account on FB and a blog (gravis calcio a 5).
    I don’t know much of cyber risks, I think I should read more about them.
    I prefer going out with my friends than chatting with my social account, and going to the bar of my football field.
    I believe the virtual life is ugly not beautiful.


  8. I mainly use the internet for personal research or school work, to read the newspaper or to purchase books or other material. I think than the communication technology sometimes drifts people apart and sometimes gets them together because sometimes it’s more easy write than to go and visit them. For example, you can write to a person that you haven’t heard from for a long time.
    I don’t have a social network account, for example Facebook. I am aware of the cyber risks, for example, I buy a lot of objects in the internet and I know one of the risks could be the cloning of my credit card.
    Personally, I prefer going out with my friends than chatting on the cell phone or FB, because we have fun and to talk all together.
    I think that the real life can’t be replace with the virtual life.

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  9. In my opinion internet is a big world and sometimes a big “family”. Personally, in my life I use it to read my e-mails, to search for something I don’t know or something I know in order to increase some information I need. I like the internet world a lot but I believe that communication technologies, especially social networks, drift people apart and in the same time get them closer. This happened for a lot of reasons, one example: you can chat with people all around the planet. But there are also many disadvantages, like messaging with someone that hides behind a screen and you don’t know who he/she really is. So for that reason I’m not attracted by social networks and I prefer making real friends in the real life. However, I’m also fascinated by the internet because there you can do everything you want, it is useful: from buying clothes to searching for a work.
    On the other hand, I’m aware of the cyber risks. In my opinion if you pay attention you can surf in the net in safety.
    To be honest, I prefer going out with friends and communicating verbally with them. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t like the virtual life.
    All in all, I only prefer the real world with his mix of unpredictability and surprise. And, how the slogan of the Safer Internet Day says, “Play your part for a better Internet!”.

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  10. I mainly use the internet to google for school, then to read my emails and to search for some information about my town and my country. I also use the internet for my social accounts.
    I think if you use internet correctly it’s ok to get people closer, but you always have to be careful!! For example, my mom found friends in Canada she grew up with forty years ago! That was awesome!
    I’m fascinated by internet because it’s a big world! I’ve got all the most famous social network accounts and I use them all to keep in contact and see what my “friends” do!
    I’m aware of the risks that are related to the virtual reality. But it’s too hard for me to describe them all here!
    In conclusion I prefer to go out with my friends than chatting in the internet because it’s better to communicate directly, it’s also not nice hiding behind a screen.
    All in all, I think that the virtual life is useful for us, but we can’t forget our origins!

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