English language and micro language

To (my) students

I believe, as a teacher, that first of all our students shouldn’t be afraid of speaking and expressing their opinions, in their mother tongue and then in a second language. If, by chance, the second language is English, I cry out loud: MAKE MISTAKES AND ALSO ERRORS! Don’t be afraid of them. Sometimes it will be a great laugh. As teachers we shouldn’t laugh at students but laugh with them.

I remember my first time in the UK. I was only 13, and I was so excited because I could speak in another language and people could actually understand me! And I clearly remember when I said to my landlady “the fingers of my feet hurt a lot”. She started laughing and laughing, and couldn’t stop. That was the time when I learnt the word “toes”. Even if my teacher said she taught it in the classroom, back in Italy.

So. Don’t be afraid. Talk, try at least. All in all, you can communicate not only with language but also using face expressions and body movements!

As for the micro language. First of all learn English, the micro language will come along. Read read read, and listen listen listen. If possible, as soon as you can go to the UK or to some nice places where English is spoken, speak it without fear. Be fearless!

Have a nice stroll about 😉

Ms D.



3 thoughts on “English language and micro language

  1. Learning other languages is particularly important because the English is used in almost all parts of the world. there are many ways to learn a language and I think it is better to move for a few months in the English speaking countries because we learn better the language. English is really very important. Also other methods can be: watching a lot of films in a foreign language to learn it very well.


  2. I think the language does not differentiate the people.The people should be free to tell their thoughts without paura.al nowadays what unites all people is just that, that is the fear of exposing himself .but must not close itself same people’s thoughts, is indeed a way to put together more ideas and discuss with other people .listen the opinions of others often helps us to discover ourselves and our faults improve .the life is a constant daily battle which must be fought every day without fear.


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