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My dear students, this is a page to be used to tell us what your daily routine is. What time do you get up? What time do your classes start? In general, what do you do during your year in Winter? BUT what about Summer? Is it different? What do you do in Summer that you don’t do in Winter? Do you prefer Summer or Winter? Why?

So many questions! But I am curious 😉 I’ll be waiting for your “short essays”. You have a lot of material at your disposal, which we have used in the classroom. However, you can be inspired by the following worksheet.




11 thoughts on “our daily routines

  1. During the week I usually get to school at a quarter to eight. The bell rings at 8 o’clock and I go into my classroom.
    When my classes finish, at half past one, I go home and  have lunch  with my mum.
    In the afternoon I watch TV for about an hour, then I do my school homework.
    Sometimes I surf on internet or chat with my friends on facebook or msn.
    I have dinner at eight o’clock in the evening.
    Next I watch TV with my parents and finally I go to sleep.
    The weekends are quite different, as a matter of fact I usually sleep  until 10:30am and then I go out with my friends.


  2. My daily routine.
    Hello! I am 16, I live in a small town near San Vito. At 6 or 7 I usually get up, then I get ready to go to school. After school I go to some physiotherapy sessions. After that I go home, at 3 I do my homework. From 5 to 7 I finish homework. At 7 or 8 I usually have dinner, later I play game play station.I chat with my momor watch TV from 9 to 10. Sometimes during the week I go out with my family for a walk. I chat to my friends in Colombia. I love talking to them and then at 11pm I go to sleep. So my days finish.😊😜😘


  3. My week-My daily routine.
    I usually wake up at half past six and I have breakfast at 7.15 am with my family.I leave home to go to school at 7.20 am .I start school at eight o’clock and I arrive at school at five minutes before lessons start.
    I go home at half past one. After eating I watch tv, I play with my sister then I do my homework. When I am done I go to football practice. In the evening I have dinner at eight o’clock. I go to bed at ten o’clock. At weekend in the morning I have to wake up early because I have football matches. Sometimes I go shopping or play play videogames.


  4. My routine.
    Every day (Monday to Saturday) I wake up at 6:30 then I get dressed and I eat my breakfast. After that I brush my teeth at 7:00, then I am go to take the bus that arrives at 7:30. After about 20 minutes I reach San Vito and I go to school. School ends at 13:00 except on Wednesdays because we have full-time. I get home at about 13:40 and prepare lunch for me and my brother, he arrives at 14:20 and so we have lunch together. At around 15:30 we do our homework and when finished we play videgames. My parents arrive at 17:30 and at 19:00 we have dinner together, watch TV and discuss the day. At 10:30 pm I go to sleep.


  5. My usual daily routine, from Monday to Friday, starts at 7 o’clock a.m. when I wake up and I go to the kitchen for breakfast with milk and biscuits. After that I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. At 7.25 am I go out to get the train at 7.41a.m. to go to school. I arrive at school at 7.48 a.m.
    Rarely when I’m at school I take a snack, but often I have a drink.
    At 12 past 13 p.m. I get the train to return home. At 13.30 p.m. I arrive home and usually I eat pasta or panzerotti. After this I sit in front of the television and watch the Simpsons, Futurama and Big bang theory. After these I have a snack sometimes also a fruit. At 15.30 p.m. I do my homework, when I finish my homework I play football in my garden or I play with my smartphone. when it is Tuesday or Friday at 19 o’clock I have basketball practice. At 11 pm I take a shower, after a shower I go to bed and I listen a music. At about 12 pm o’clock I go sleep.


  6. My daily routine.
    From Monday to Saturday, I usually wake up at half past seven.
    I wash my face, than I make my bed.
    At 7.00a.m. I have breakfast,
    At 7.30a.m. I pick up my bike and smoke one cigarette.
    at 8.00a.m. I arrive at school. At 11.00a.m.
    we have a break and I hang out my schoolfriends
    and chat. At 1.00p.m. I take my bike and I ride home.
    At 1.30p.m. I have lunch with my parents.
    Usually I meet my friend’s at 3.00p.m.
    We stroll around in San Vito and go to have
    a drink at the central bar.
    I often return home at 6.00p.m.
    I watch TV with my sister, and one hour later
    I set the table. We have dinner at 7.30p.m.
    I do to the washing up. At 9.00p.m. I smoke one cigarette.
    Later I watch TV and at 11.00p.m. I go to bed.
    During the weekend I always go snowboarding.


  7. I usually wake up 6:00 am all week. Only on Sundays I wake up at 8:00 am. All week I go to school by bus. Lessons start at 8:00 am and finish at 1:00 pm.I take the bus to go back home at 1:20 pm. When arrived home I have lunch at 2:30 pm.I have a breakat 2:35 pm.I do my homework at 3:30 pm.I ride my bike to the center of my city with my brother at 4:00 pm.I go home at 17:30 pm.I go to my garage at 5:35 pm to work on some engined.I go home at 7:00 pm. Motorbikes are my passion.
    Then I have dinner with my family at 8:00 pm and watch TV with my family at 9:00 pm.I go to take a shower at 9:35.I prepare my schoolbag and I go to sleep at 10:00 pm


  8. On Saturday I get up at six o’clock and I wash my face. I have breakfast with milk and cereals. I prepare my schoolbag and I go to school by bus. I arrive at the station at 7:40 am and I arrive at the school at 7:45 am. lessons start at eight o’clock and at 11:00 am I have a break. Lessons finish at 1;00pm and I go to the station. I go home by bus and arrive at 1:40 pm. I have lunch with pasta. I do my homework and I ride a motorbike in Tagliamento river at 3:00 pm. I return home at six o’clock . At 7:00 pm I have dinner and I watch tv and at 10:00 pm I go to my bed but before that I chat with my friends with my phone.


  9. My daily routine is quiet becouse it isn’t very exciting. From Monday to Saturday I always wake up at 6:45 a.m. in my comfortable bed then I get up at 6:55 a.m. because I’m lazy and sleepy. I often get dressed with jeans and a sweatshirt. From 6:55 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. I go to the kitchen and I always have breakfast with milk and cookies. I wash my face then I brush my teeth after that I get dressed with Jeans and shoes. Then I go to school by bus. Lessons start at 8:00 a.m. and finish at 1:00 p.m. I come back home at 1:20 p.m. by bus. I have lunch at 2:00 p.m. in my home. I always do my homework at 3:00 p.m.and I sometimes have snack at 4:00 p.m. with bread and jam. When I finish my homework I always have dinner with my family at 7:00 p.m. I often watch tv from 9:15 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. then I go to bed.


  10. My daily routine.
    Hello ! My name’s Sergio , I am 17.
    I live in sesto al reghena.
    My day starts when I get up at 6 o’clock.
    From 6 to 7 I get washed, I prepare for school eat my breakfast and then go out to take the bus at 7:20.
    I usually arrive at school around 8.
    First, however, before going inside I smoke a cigarette.
    I have five hours classes and then I go home and have lunch at 2 o’clock.
    Then 3 o’clock I go to the gym.
    I return home at 5.
    From 5 to 8 I do my homework and have dinner.
    I play games for one hour and then I go to sleep.
    #iloveyouteacher ❤️


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