3 thoughts on “Italians and their weekends

  1. Hello!
    Usually most of the Italians go out at the weekend. They usually go shopping, go to the cinema, go out to eat or to drink or go to some parties.They go out mainly with friends, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Italians love family! They usuallu leave home at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and in the evening at 8 o’clock. During the week only they go to work in the morning and then come home for lunch when they are finished they return back to work and come back at about five o’clock in the evening.


  2. Italians usually go out on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), on Saturday night out to have dinner with their friends or family and on Sunday they rest or make trips with their family. They usually go out at approximately 20:00, wearing jeans and t-shirt, go to a pizzeria or have a sandwich and they spend over € 50.00 each.
    I usually go out with friends on Saturday afternoon around 3:00 pm and we go for a bike ride. I spend about 5 € with friends. At 7:30 pm I go to dinner with my parents, on Sunday I go with my grandparents until 2:30 because they are not very well. On Sunday I usually dress comfortably in a tracksuit.


  3. I usually go out on Saturday night because I don’t go to school on Sunday and I can do pretty late. I go out with my friends so I have more fun all night long. However if I come back too late my parents are angry and I risk a punishment. Personally I prefer wearing jeans, sneakers, jacket and a hat. Before Saturday during the week my friends and I organize where we go out on Sunday. I think that it’s really fun to go out on Sunday but it’s very expansive because every time we go to the bar or restaurant and buy a lot of drinks and food. I believe that if we sometimes don’t go out on a Sunday we can save some money and then we can have more fan the next Sunday.

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