email reply – my internet penfriend

As promised, here you can reply to your internet penfriend  (see exercise on your school book p. 43 ex. 7).


My name’s Lewis Holmes and I live in Blackpool.  In the winter I play football and I also go swimming.  Football is Ok,but I really love swimming. In the summer I do athletics. I love it. Running is my favourite sport and I take part in competitionsi  the local athletics team. I run the 400 metres. I think it is really exciting! I also like going mountain biking and I love going out with my mates. What sports do you do? Do you like sports?

Bye for now



Waiting for your work, guys!

Mrs D.

4 thoughts on “email reply – my internet penfriend

  1. Hi!
    My name’s Nicholas and I live in a small village near Chions. In the winter I play with Xbox with my brother or my cousins and I watch movies on TV. In the summer I go swimming and I go running with the bike. When it’s hot I love being outdoors. What do you do in your spare time?
    Bye for now,


    • In my spare time, I love reading books, going to the cinema and cross-stitching. Well, unfortunately, I am not a “sporty” person. However, in the summer I love going mountain trekking and wandering in the Alps. I hope next year to start going to yoga classes again.


  2. Hi!
    My name’s Alessio and I live in Sesto al Reghena. I play many sports. In the winter I prefer swimming and basketball becouse I stay in a closed space. In the summer I like playing football with my friends and I like cycling in my village. Swimming is my favourite sport because I feel relaxed and free from all. Often I take part to some swimming competitions but I’ve never won. I sometimes play football with my friends at the football field. How are things at school? Do you like studying?
    Bye for now,

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  3. Hi!
    My name’s Francesco and I live in Fiume V.In the winter I play football and do also gymnastic. In the summer I go to the gym. I love it. Football is my favorite sport. I love it. It is my passion. I also like playing basketball with friends.
    Bye for now,


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