The Sun Will Rise in the Morning


My dear students,

Many of you are asking me what I think about what happened in the USA two days ago. I am answering here with a link to Mr. Obama’s speech.

If I could choose I would like to have him as a father. He remembers me of Atticus, in To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Listen to him. And be optimistic, no matter what.

Mrs. D.


Obama’s Speech after Trumps Elections

A Career As An Automotive Technician

Hello everybody!

today at school we saw this video. After a Before watching activity LINK HERE I gave a While Watching activity (a chart to be filled in) to my students. It was particularly interesting, mainly the “strange” English accent, which we found out comes from New Zealand. However, the content was extremely stimulating, because it talks about the paths that lead to become an automotive technician in New Zealand, and the fact that this is a really required job all over the world.

And now an After Watching activity!

Risultati immagini per summarizing a video

I ask you (my dear students) to write a short SUMMARY of what you watched today in the classroom. Get inspired from the following layout:

INTRODUCTION –> Today at school we watched a short video about… Our teacher … The video is divided in … parts. We saw the …  and the … part.

BODY –> At the beginning we saw … It took place (si svolgeva in) in … On the one hand (dal un lato)… On the other (dall’altro)… It was really interesting to notice that …

Then… After some time…

So (quindi, allora)… At that point…

He described/he explained (ha spiegato) / The reported told (ha raccontato) that to become an automotive technician in NZ… They told that at school it is important to be good at…

CONCLUSION –> All in all (tutto sommato)/ To be honest … I believe/It think that…

I really liked/didn’t like the video because… I found it extremely stimulating/intriguing/interesting because… I didn’t find it…

In the future I would consider (considererei) to become a…

Alcune parole utili:




Waiting for your summaries!

Mrs. D.



Mr. White Will ‘Definitely Move’ if Donald Trump Wins

Bryan Cranston is perfecting his Donald Trump impression, but that doesn’t mean he wants to live in a country with the Republican nominee as commander in chief. If Trump were to win the presidential election next week, Cranston said in an interview for The Bestseller Experiment podcast, “I would definitely move. … It’s not real…

via Bryan Cranston Will ‘Definitely Move’ if Donald Trump Wins — TIME

What did you do last evening?

My dear students,

Herewith you can find an interesting post from English4ite, where you can find some useful exercises to improve your simple past tense knowledge.

Please check it out!


Mrs. D.


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Pen Pineapple Apple Pen — Living, Learning and Letting Go

My dear students!

Welcome back to our blog. Before meeting you all again in the flesh next week, please tell me why you love this song soooooo much! It’s crazy!

I will be waiting for your comments as usual 😊 It is not compulsory but I will appreciate them anyway.

All the best


Mrs. D.



Yesterday, I discovered a blog that was new to me, GarimaShares. The blogger and I have several interests in common so today I returned to her blog to read some of her posts. One was about a song that was posted on YouTube on September 24th. The video was watched by more than 8 million […]

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After High School: How to Make Good Decisions

Life would be a lot easier if we just knew how to make good decisions. Research shows we all make a lot of bad ones. With careers: More than half of teachers quit their jobs within four years. In fact, one study in Philadelphia schools found that a teacher was almost two times more likely…

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maturità. high school diploma. ready?

Carissimi! Last post from me for you. Just for  you.

E per la vostra felicità scrivo due righe in italiano. E sempre per la vostra felicità (ma questo non significa che non dovete impegnarvi a fondo), vi linko un articolo uscito oggi relativamente ai motivi per cui alcuni pensano che l’esame di maturità sia inutile.

utile maturità – articolo ANSA 10/06/2016

Quale la vostra posizione? Pros and cons? For or against?


Break a leg to you all! In bocca al lupo!